New Books

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Democracy and Executive Power: Policymaking Accountability in the US, the UK, Germany, and France (Yale University Press, 2021) [Website]

Paul Daly, Understanding Administrative Law in the Common Law World (Oxford University Press, 2021) [Website]

David Williamson & Gary Lynch-Wood, The Structure of Regulation: Explaining Why Regulation Succeeds and Fails (Edward Elgar, 2021) [Website]

Brian J. Cook, The Fourth Branch: Reconstructing the Administrative State for the Commercial Republic (University Press of Kansas) [Website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Rebecca Williams, Rethinking Administrative Law for Algorithmic Decision Making, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 2021 [Website]

W Wagner, W West, T Mcgarity, L Peters, Deliberative Rulemaking: An Empirical Study of Participation in Three Agency Programs, 73 Admin. L. Rev. 609 (2021) [Hein Online]

Janina Boughey, The Culture of Justification in Administrative Law: Rationales and Consequences (November 2021) [SSRN]

Benjamin Minhao Chen & Brian Libgober, Making Regulators Reasonable: Do Procedural Rationality Requirements Fix Cognitive Biases? (October 2021) [SSRN]

Jennifer Mascott, Oversight and Executive Privilege in the Context of Separated Powers (September 2021) [SSRN]

Margaret B. Kwoka & Michael Karanicolas, Overseeing Oversight (September 2021) [SSRN]

Amy Goudge, Administrative Law, Artificial Intelligence, and Procedural Rights (August 2021) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

Paul Daly, Big Bang Theory: Vavilov’s New Framework for Substantive Review (January 2022) [SSRN]

Elad Gil, Rethinking Foreign Affairs Deference (January 2022) [SSRN]

Paul Daly, Vavilov on the Road (December 2021) [SSRN]

Sheila M. Wildeman, Habeas Corpus Unbound (December 2021) [SSRN]

Lisa Heinzerling, Nondelegation on Steroids (December 2021) [SSRN]

Jacob Loshin & Aaron L. Nielson, Hiding Nondelegation in Mouseholes (December 2021) [SSRN]

Justin W. Aimonetti, Voigt Deference: Deferring to a State Agency’s Interpretation of a Federal Regulation (December 2021) [SSRN]

Gerard Kennedy, Wither the Divisional Court?: Looking at the Past, Analyzing the Present, and Querying the Future of Ontario’s Intermediary Appellate Court (December 2021) [SSRN]

Mikolaj Barczentewicz, Cart Challenges, Empirical Methods, and Effectiveness of Judicial Review (November 2021) [SSRN]

Christopher J. Walker & James Saywell, Remand and Dialogue in Administrative Law (October 2021) [SSRN]

Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov, Itay Cohen & Chani Koth, The Changing Role of Judicial Review during Prolonged Emergencies: The Israeli Supreme Court during COVID-19 (October 2021) [SSRN]

Fabrizio Cafaggi & Paola Iamiceli, Uncertainty, Administrative Decision Making and Judicial Review. The Courts’ Perspectives (October 2021) [SSRN]

Lisa Schultz Bressman & Kevin M. Stack, Chevron Is a Phoenix (September 2021) [SSRN]

Mark Aronson, Judicial Review of Administrative Action: Between Grand Theory and Muddling Through (September 2021) [SSRN]

Anthony Sangiuliano, The Dawn of Vavilov, the Twilight of Doré: Remedial Paths in Judicial Review of Rights-Affecting Administrative Decisions and the Unification of Canadian Public Law (August 2021) [SSRN]

James E. Pfander & Andrew Borrasso, Public Rights and Article III: Judicial Oversight of Agency Action (June 2021) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Nikolas Bowie & Daphna Renan, The Separation-of-Powers Counterrevolution (January 2022) [SSRN]

David Froomkin, Nondelegation Step Zero (January 2022) [SSRN]

Conor Casey, Political Executive Control of the Administrative State: How Much Is Too Much? (January 2022) [SSRN]

Christine Kexel Chabot, Interring the Unitary Executive (December 2021) [SSRN]

Jordan Carr Peterson, The Politicized Enforcement of Laws Criminalizing Executive Branch Conflicts of Interest (December 2021) [SSRN]

David Schneiderman, Parliamentarism and its Adversaries: Legislatures in an Era of Illiberal Executives (November 2021) [SSRN]

Marco Rizzi & Tamara Tulich, All Bets on the Executive(s)! The Australian Response to COVID-19 (October 2021) [SSRN]

Tom Ginsburg, Aziz Z. Huq & David Landau, The Law of Democratic Disqualification (October 2021) [SSRN]

David L. Noll, Administrative Sabotage (September 2021) [SSRN]

Barry Sullivan, Reforming the Office of Legal Counsel (July 2021) [SSRN]

Claire O. Finkelstein & Richard W. Painter, Presidential Accountability and the Rule of Law: Can the President Claim Immunity If He Shoots Someone on Fifth Avenue? (July 2021) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Ronald M. Levin, The Evolving APA and the Originalist Challenge (November 2021) [SSRN]

Grégoire Webber, Notwithstanding Rights, Review, or Remedy? On the Notwithstanding Clause and the Operation of Legislation (October 2021) [SSRN]

Jody Freeman & Matthew Stephenson, The Untapped Potential of the Congressional Review Act (October 2021) [SSRN]

David Tan, Uncommon Legislative Attitudes: Why a Theory of Legislative Intent Needs Non-Trivial Aggregation (July 2021) [SSRN]


Administrative History

Jed Handelsman Shugerman, Removal of Context: Blackstone, Limited Monarchy, and the Limits of Unitary Originalism (January 2022) [SSRN]

Thomas G. W. Telfer, The New Bankruptcy ‘Detective Agency’? The Origins of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Great Depression Canada [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Yaniv Heled, Ana Santos Rutschman & Liza Vertinsky, Regulatory Reactivity: FDA and the Response to COVID-19 (December 2021) [SSRN]

Thomas W. Merrill, Public Nuisance as Risk Regulation (November 2021) [SSRN]

Michael Gmeiner & Robert Gmeiner, Regulation Enforcement (September 2021) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Desiree Klingler, Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces: Reassessing the Costs and Benefits in Government Contracting (January 2022) [SSRN]

Leslie Book, Keith Fogg & Nina E. Olson, Reducing Administrative Burdens to Protect Taxpayer Rights (January 2022) [SSRN]

Douglas Sarro, Incentives, Experts, and Regulatory Renewal (December 2021) [SSRN]

Barbara Maria Piotrowska, Are Street-Level Bureaucrats Politically Impartial? (November 2021) [SSRN]

Hendrik Bruns & Yavor Paunov, Why Policymakers Should Be Transparent About the Behavioural Interventions They Use: A Systematic, Policy-Oriented Review (November 2021) [SSRN]

Kurt Glaze, Daniel E. Ho, Gerald K. Ray & Christine Tsang, Artificial Intelligence for Adjudication: The Social Security Administration and AI Governance (November 2021) [SSRN]

Ryan Calo, Modeling Through (October 2021) [SSRN]

Matthias Döring, “How-to Bureaucracy: A Concept of Citizens’ Administrative Literacy.” Administration & Society 53, no. 8 (September 2021): 1155–77 [SAGE Journals]

Philip S.C. Lewis & Linda Mulcahy, Government Lawyers: Technicians, Policy Shapers and Organisational Brakes (July 2021) [SSRN]

Matej Horvat, Wojciech Piatek, Lukáš Potěšil & Krisztina F. Rozsnyai, Public Administration’s Adaptation to COVID-19 Pandemic – Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak Experience (June 2021) [SSRN]

Rachel Sachs, Encouraging Interagency Collaboration: Learning from COVID-19 (June 2021) [SSRN]

Law Commission of Ontario, Regulating AI: Critical Issues and Choices (June 2021) [SSRN]

Law Commission of Ontario, Legal Issues and Government AI Development (June 2021) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide

Rohan Balani, Expanding the Scope for Judicial Deference in the Mixed-Government Era (July 2021) [SSRN]

Caroline Henckels, Arbitration Under Government Contracts and Government Accountability (July 2021) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Ricardo Pereira, Public Participation, Indigenous Peoples’ Land Rights and Major Infrastructure Projects in the Amazon: The Case for a Human Rights Assessment Framework (June 2021) [SSRN]

Andrew Leach, The No More Pipelines Act? (June 2021) [SSRN]


EU Administrative Law

Miroslava Scholten, Enforcement (December 2021) [SSRN]

Herwig C.H. Hofmann, An Introduction to Automated Decision-Making (ADM) and Cyber-Delegation in the Scope of EU Public Law (July 2021) [SSRN]

Paul P. Craig, The EU, the Member States and Damages Liability (July 2021) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Daniëlle van Osch, Rik de Ruiter & Kutsal Yesilkagit, An accountability deficit? Holding transgovernmental networks to account, Journal of European Public Policy (2021) [Taylor & Francis Online]