New Books

Stefan E. Weishaar, Niels Philipsen & Wenming Xu (eds.), Regulatory Reform in China and the EU: A Law and Economics Perspective (Edward Elgar, 2017) [Website]

Oliver James, Sebastian R. Jilke & Gregg G. Van Ryzin (eds.), Experiments in Public Management Research: Challenges and Contributions (Cambridge University Press, 2017) [Website]


Accountability & Decision-making Processes

Seth F. Kreimer, The Ecology of Transparency Reloaded (September 2017) [SSRN]

Amy Baker Benjamin, The Many Faces of Secrecy (September 2017) [SSRN]

Yseult Marique & Emmanuel Slautsky, Freedom of Information in France – Law and Practice (September 2017) [SSRN]

Margaret B. Kwoka, First-Person FOIA (September 2017) [SSRN]

Emily S. Bremer, Designing the Decider (September 2017) [SSRN]

Athanasios Psygkas, From the ‘Democratic Deficit’ to a ‘Democratic Surplus’: Constructing Administrative Democracy in Europe (September 2017) [SSRN]


Judicial Review

Evan Fox-Decent & Alexander Pless, The Charter and Administrative Law Part I: Procedural Fairness (September 2017) [SSRN]

Evan Fox-Decent & Alexander Pless, The Charter and Administrative Law Part II: Substantive Review (September 2017) [SSRN]

Aileen McHarg, Administrative Discretion, Administrative Rule-Making and Judicial Review (September 2017) [SSRN]

David E. Adelman & Robert L. Glicksman, Presidential Politics and Judicial Review (September 2017) [SSRN]

Christopher J. Walker, Attacking Auer and Chevron Deference: A Literature Review (September 2017) [SSRN]


Executive Department

Eric E. Johnson, Agencies and Science-Experiment Risk (2017) [SSRN]


Legislation/Statutory Interpretation

Sande Buhai, Statutory Damages (September 2017) [SSRN]


Administrative Independence

Cary Coglianese, Improving Regulatory Analysis at Independent Agencies (September 2017) [SSRN]


Modes of Governance and Regulation

Hanoch Dagan & Roy Kreitner, The Bureaucrats of Private Law (September 2017) [SSRN]

Cass R. Sunstein, Misconceptions About Nudges (September 2017) [SSRN]

Jaye Ellis, The Role of Translation in Transnational Governance (2017) [SSRN]

Eyal Zamir & Doron Teichman, Behavioral Law and Economics: Administrative, Constitutional, and International Law (September 2017) [SSRN]


Public Administration

Gianluca Sgueo, Gamification, Participatory Democracy and Engaged Public(S) (September 2017) [SSRN]

Robert F. Durant & David H. Rosenbloom, The Hollowing of American Public Administration, 47(7) The American Review of Public Administration 719 (2017) [SAGE Journals]

Joe Tomlinson, A Primer on the Digitisation of Administrative Tribunals (September 2017) [SSRN]


The Public/Private Divide

Evan J. Criddle & Evan Fox-Decent, Guardians of Legal Order: The Dual Commissions of Public Fiduciaries (September 2017) [SSRN]


Environmental Law & Regulation

Robert Fischman & Lydia Barbash-Riley, Empirical Environmental Law Scholarship (2017) [SSRN]


Financial Regulation

Iris H-Y Chiu, A Rational Regulatory Strategy for Governing Financial Innovation (September 2017) [SSRN]

Hossein Nabilou & André Prüm, Shadow Banking in Europe: Idiosyncrasies and Their Implications for Financial Regulation (September 2017) [SSRN]


Global Regulation/ Global Governance

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, Deliberative Trade Policy: Rethinking Global Governance of International Trade (September 2017) [SSRN]