Meet the CNSPY Blogger for 2017-2018!

Catherine Deatherage is the third CNSPY blogger since Victoria Schulman began blogging in 2014.  Catherine is a post-doc with research interests in biochemical reconstitution, membrane biology, and membrane protein trafficking.

She earned her BS in chemistry at the University of South Dakota. She went on to a post-baccalaureate research fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland.  This fellowship exposed her to biochemistry, molecular biology, and structural biology for the first time. She earned her PhD from Vanderbilt University in biochemistry, studying the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins.

As a post-doc at Yale, Catherine is combining her interest in membranes and membrane proteins with her skills in biochemistry to study the mechanisms behind membrane protein trafficking using a combination of cell biology and biochemistry.

Catherine is also deeply passionate about successful science communication and ensuring that scientists are able to communicate their ideas to anyone, not just other scientists!

Past CNSPY Bloggers

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