Event Descriptions

CNSPY has initiated several programs and organized numerous events that have benefited the student and postdoc community at Yale.

Small Group Discussions (SGDs). SGDs provide an informal setting to facilitate discussion and networking between our members and career mentors. Typically an hour long, these discussions allow 6 to 10 students and postdocs to have in-depth conversations regarding career trajectories and preparation with a career mentor. SGDs over the last couple of years have focused on careers across multiple sectors including scientific writing, science policy, academia and government. 

Annual Networking Event (ANE). CNSPY organizes an ANE every fall to allow our members to meet each other and meet peers with similar career interests. Members also meet with the executive board, learn about CNSPY’s activities in the course of the past year and receive a preview of upcoming events and projects. 

CNSPY Quarterly Mixers. CNSPY organizes quarterly mixers for our members, who are interested in connecting with other scientists pursuing diverse career options.  It is also a great opportunity for our members to meet each other and the CNSPY leadership team, to hear about some upcoming CNSPY events, and to have great discussions regarding aspirations in the lab and beyond. 

Career Panel Discussions. Our career panels bring together experts, graduate students, and post-docs to discuss careers for science PhDs. The panelists outline their career trajectories, their current position and its responsibilities, and challenges that they have faced.

Site Visits. CNSPY organizes small group visits to companies, giving our members insight into working at these companies. The site visits are unique opportunities for members to become familiar with the working environment, to meet employees, and to establish connections. 

If there is a topic or career that you would like represented or discussed at any event, please contact us. If you would like to help organize an event, apply here to become a CNSPY board member.

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