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Faculty Position Available at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in Saudi Arabia

for female PhD holders

We at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in Saudi Arabia, the largest female university in the world, believe that the chaos the world suffering today is driven by the lack of communication and misperception between cultures.

Thus, we’ve decided to step up and take an active initiative that aims at bridging that gap of communication and correcting some of the stereotypes of cultures between nations.

We are presenting an invitation to female PhD holders around the world to join us as a fulltime faculty members at one of our colleges at Princess Nourah University.

Watch this video documentary about the PNU:\

Our faculty members will enjoy a full year contract with benefits such as: villa accommodation, free child education, free medical coverage, round trip tickets and tax exemption , etc.

At the same time, they will get an opportunity to enjoy learning Arabic, scuba diving with the best corals in the red sea, searching one of the largest Market, exploring the desert wild life, as well as to experience the Saudi rich culture.

Spontaneously, they will share knowledge about their culture with the young minds at the university where the hope of the future lies.

We are reaching out for women all over the world to join us in bringing a new perspective of respect and embrace the differences as a cultural enrichment.   

Please contact us if any would like to join our initiative at PNU.

Dean of Faculty Affairs
Dr. Sarah Bent Abdullah Al Edaily

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