I am a current student, but I am taking a year off. Can I still participate?

  • So long as your project is still actionable in the expected timeframe and you have an advisor from your institution, yes.

I am a current student, but I am only waiting for graduation and will most likely graduate before the end of the year. Can I still participate?

  • Yes. Provided that you are committed to the execution of your project until it is finalized. And also make sure that at least one participant in your team is still a registered student by May 31st, 2021.

Is there a limit to the number of students on a team?

  • Technically, no. However, more is not always better and the reviewers may suggest streamlining larger teams. We suggest teams of 2-5 students.

Will I have to update my proposal after I submit it?

  • The reviewers may offer comments or ask questions about viability. In this case, it is advised to update the concept before execution.

What if not all of the team members follow through?

  • Remaining team members who follow through will still be issued certificates and included in the final publication. If a student team drops to 1, a mentor may be provided to assist with revising the concept for execution.

Can we submit an existing project?

  • Yes, but please define what you will do during the six months of this program - be specific!

Can we submit an idea that will start during this program, but keep going?

  • Yes, but please specify what you will do during the six months of this program.

Do we need a team leader to submit the application?

  • Yes. You will also need to identify an advisor from your institution and include this information on your application form.

Can we email our application?

  • No. Only applications submitted through the form will be considered.

My college or university is not in session until after the September 30th deadline. Can I still submit a project proposal? 

  • Yes. Please contact the organizers to request an extension on the deadline. Extensions will only be offered to students from universities that are not in session as of the deadline.

My team has students from different universities. Can we still submit a project proposal?

  • Yes. Please make sure that you have one advisor for each of the institutions that you represent. If there is more than three institutions in your team, please send the information on the additional advisors via email.