TurningPoint Anywhere

TurningPoint Anywhere (now integrated into TurningPoint) is polling software that provides anonymous, instantaneous polling results with the use of a clicker that students are able to check out from the Bass Library circulation desk for a semester loan.


Unlike its counterpart TurningPoint, which is integrated into PowerPoint, TurningPoint Anywhere works independently by “floating” on top of other applications, thus giving a presenter the freedom to poll an audience at any time within any application. Polling results are automatically generated for the audience to see once polling has stopped, and data from a polling session can be saved and used to generate a multitude of statistical reports for future analysis.


Mac users will find this client especially useful as a light-weight polling solution. If Microsoft PowerPoint will be use to present, it is recommended that the TurningPoint client be used, as the polls are integrated into a PowerPoint slide.

Click on the image below to download the latest TurningPoint software.