Selected Publications

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(forthcoming)  Claire Bowern, Ryan Budnick, Susan Hanson, Kado Muir, Anaí Navarro, and Sasha Wilmoth. A Sketch Grammar of Ngalia. Asia-Pacific Linguistics. 130 pp.

2012     Claire Bowern. A Grammar of Bardi. Mouton Grammar Library. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

2011     Claire Bowern. Sivisa Titan: Grammar, Texts, Vocabulary. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press.

2010     Terry Crowley and Claire Bowern. An Introduction to Historical Linguistics. Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press. Fourth edition.

2008     Claire Bowern. Linguistic Fieldwork: A Practical Guide. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [ISBN 978-0-230-54538-0]; Second Revised and Expanded Edition: 2015

Edited Volumes

(in prep)     Claire Bowern (ed). The Oxford Guide to Australian Languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2017     Claire Bowern, Laurence Horn, and Raffaella Zanuttini (eds). On Looking into Words: Structures, Relations, Analyses. Language Science Press.

2014     Claire Bowern and Bethwyn Evans (eds) Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics. Oxford: Routledge/Taylor and Francis. Review: LinguistList,

2008     Claire Bowern, Luisa Miceli, and Bethwyn Evans (eds) Morphology and Language History. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 298. [ISBN: 978-90-272-4814-5]

2004     Claire Bowern and Harold Koch (eds) Australian Languages: Classification and the Comparative Method. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Current Issues in Linguistic Theory vol 249. Review: Language (82/2).

2002     Claire Bowern and Victoria Lotridge (eds) Ndebele. Vol. 416 of Languages of the World/Materials. München: Lincom Europa.

Articles in refereed journals

(in press)     Claire Bowern and Luke Lindemann. The linguistics of the Voynich manuscript. Annual Review of Linguistics

2020     Catherine Sheard, Rikker Dockum, Claire Bowern, and Fiona Jordan. Pama-Nyungan grandparent systems change with grandchildren, but not cross-cousin terms or social norms. Evolutionary Human Sciences.

2019     Sarah Babinski, Hunter Craft, Rikker Dockum, Dolly Goldenberg, and Claire Bowern. A Robin Hood approach to Forced Alignment: English-trained algorithms and their use on Pama-Nyungan languages. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America’s Annual Meeting Vol 4.

2019     Rikker Dockum and Claire Bowern. Swadesh lists are not long enough: Drawing phonological generalizations from limited data. Language Documentation and Description. 16:35-54 (

Book chapters

(submitted)*      Claire Bowern. Phylogenetic signal in the lexicon:  Are parental terms influenced by baby talk? Papers from the ICHL 2019 conference.

(forthcoming)*     Claire Bowern. Managing Historical Data in the Chirila Database. MIT Press: MIT Open Handbooks in Linguistics.

2017a*     Claire Bowern. Comparison and Relationship of Languages. In Handbuch der vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft, edited by Jared Klein and Brian Joseph.

2017b*     Claire Bowern. Language and Land in the Northern Kimberley. In Peter Austin, Harold Koch, and Jane Simpson (eds) Language, Land, and Song. EL Publishing

2017c*     Claire Bowern. Language Isolates of Australia. in Lyle Campbell (ed), Language Isolates. Leiden: Brill.

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