This conference is organized by Yale University and Res publica.

Hélène Landemore, a political theorist at Yale University, observed the CCC for 17 months.

Gilles-Laurent Rayssac and Sophie Guillain, from Res publica, participated in the CCC as service providers. They helped design and facilitate the process from beginning to end. They are practioners of citizen participation and collaborative dialogue.

The photographs on this website are by Katrin Baumann. Katrin Baumann is a professional photographer who was Commissioned by the French government to cover the Citizen Convention for Climate. Her photographs capture the range of individual feelings and collective emotions that citizens and other participants experienced over the course of 8 weekends: doubts, hope, despair, joy, determination, pride, solidarity, love… Profoundly moved by the 18-month experiment, Katrin Bauman wishes to produce an illustrated book based on her photographs and researchers’ testimonials. The goal is to provide a more complex and multi-faceted perspective on this humane, civic, and political experience of the French Convention for Climate.”

This conference is sponsored by the Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund at Yale University and by the European Climate Foundation.

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