CAPE at Yale

Cancer Action Prevention & Engagement at Yale 


Cancer Action Prevention & Engagement was launched to provide a place where community members and others come for information and help with cancer-related questions and needs. We welcome those with experience or expertise as potential partners as we address the needs of under-served groups living in Connecticut.


Important Message on Racism and Trauma in the US

While the violence in this country continues to offer a steady stream of trauma and horror fueled by everything from racism to psychopathological self-expression, the murders in Atlanta revealed yet another perversion of racism and misogyny that has a long ugly history. Coupled with the recent mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, we are reminded that in our collective work toward supporting healthy communities, we must be good neighbors:  looking out for those who are being hurt or threatened by others, and working to prevent the violence that ultimately threatens our individual freedom on a daily basis. CAPE represents a small effort with a big heart. We offer our support, our sympathy, and our commitment to continue to do our part to build healthy communities.  

We remian united in our commitment to anti-racism and in our support of all groups who are victimized by bias and systemic racism.  Although our day to day work is about improving the health and quality of life of those who have greatest needs, we recognize that the primary driver of health disparities is systemic racism in all of its forms, everything from the lack of economic opportunity, substandard education, and residential segregation to the blatant violence that has taken the lives of black men and women for so long. With the most recent murder of Asian women, we are reminded that scapegoating is an equally potent driver of disparities. We bring this awareness to all we do. We will continue to work with communities to address health while also advocating for social justice and speaking out against injustice in all its forms.




State of Connecticut Update as of July 27, 2020

Data on nursing homes in Connecticut as of July 23, 2020

Data on assisted living facilities in Connecticut as of July 23, 2020

Reopen CT Guidelines

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Cancer Action Prevention & Engagement se lanzó para proporcionar un lugar donde los miembros de la comunidad y otras personas puedan acudir en busca de información y ayuda con preguntas y necesidades relacionadas con el cáncer. Damos la bienvenida a aquellos con experiencia o habilidad como socios potenciales a medida que abordamos las necesidades de los grupos desatendidos que viven en Connecticut.


Mensaje importante del equipo de CAPE

Estamos unidos en nuestro compromiso con el antirracismo y en nuestro apoyo a todos los grupos que son víctimas de prejuicios y racismo sistémico. Aunque nuestro trabajo de día a día se trata de mejorar la salud y la calidad de vida de aquellos que tienen mayores necesidades, reconocemos que el principal impulsor de las disparidades de salud es el racismo sistémico en todas sus formas, todo desde la falta de oportunidades económicas, educación deficiente. y la segregación residencial a la violencia evidente que ha quitado la vida de minoría racial negra durante tanto tiempo. Traemos esta conciencia a todo lo que hacemos. Continuaremos trabajando con las comunidades para abordar la salud al tiempo que abogamos por la justicia social y denunciamos la injusticia en todas sus formas.


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Actualizaciones del estado de Connecticut a partir del 27 de julio de 2020

Datos sobre asilos de ancianos en Connecticut a partir del 23 de julio de 2020

Datos sobre instalaciones de vivienda asistida en Connecticut a partir de 23 de julio de 2020

Pautas oficiales de reapertura de CT

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