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YBS members are admitted to the organization each fall, at the beginning of the academic year. Prospective members are selected through an application and interview process.

Department Descriptions


Members of the conference department will plan, organize, and staff the annual macro-themed fall and business school spring conferences. There will be a large emphasis on speaker outreach and discussion of potential conference panel topics in the fall and a shift in focus towards the operational side of conference in the spring.

On Campus Affairs (OCA)

The On Campus Affairs (OCA) department conceives and executes all YBS campus-wide events outside of the conferences. OCA aims to provide Yale undergraduates and the entire Yale community with a broad but unique spectrum of business-focused events. OCA coordinates events from Master’s Teas with influential people in the industry to speaker panels focused on controversial topics (such as the gender disparity in the business sphere) to networking events with some of the world’s most recognizable firms.


Finance staff members will be responsible for generating funding as well as overseeing the budget by managing and minimizing costs for all YBS activities. The goal of finance is to build and maintain relationships with company sponsors for future years.

Internal Development

The internal development department will focus on fostering inter-departmental and staff relations. Members will promote cohesive organizational culture, develop YBS-exclusive networking opportunities, and coordinate mentorship programs for YBS members.



Applications are due by Thursday, September 12th, 2013 by 11:59 PM. No Exceptions.

YBS Staff Application

YBS Staff Application

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