Degrees and Positions


  • B.A., Political Economy (Highest Honors), magna cum laude, Williams College, 1956
  • Diploma in Economics, King’s College, Cambridge University, 1957
  • M.A., Ph.D., Political Science, Yale University, 1958, 1961

Honorary Doctorates:

  • Uppsala University, 2002
  • Williams College, 2011


  • Instructor in Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1961-62
  • Assistant Professor, Political Science, Yale University, 1962-66; Associate Professor, 1966-68; Professor 1968-85; Dean Acheson Professor 1985; Dean Acheson Research Professor 2011. Director, World Data Analysis Program, 1962-73; Director of Graduate Studies, Political Science, 1970-72; Chair, International Relations Council, 1970-73; 76-77; Director of Graduate Studies, International Relations, 1974-79; Coordinator, International Security and Arms Control Program, 1985-88; Chair, Political Science Dept., 1990-96; Director, United Nations Studies at Yale, 1993-2006.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government, Columbia University, 1965
  • Visiting Research Political Scientist, Mental Health Research Institute, University of Michigan, 1965-66
  • Visiting Professor, Institut d’Etudes Europeennes, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, 1969-70
  • Visiting Scholar, Richardson Institute for Peace & Conflict Research, London, 1973-74
  • Academic Director, Institute of World Affairs, summer 1976
  • Visiting Scholar, Institute for Research in Social Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1979-80
  • Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 1984
  • Visiting Professor of Political Science, Tel Aviv University, 1989
  • Visiting Professor, Chair of International Capital Markets Law, University of Tokyo Law School, 1996
  • Visiting Scholar, Weatherhead Center, and Visiting Professor of Government, Harvard University, 2001