Courses taught at Chiba University
宗教とグローバリゼーション (Religion and Globalization)
日米近現代交流史 (Modern History of U.S.-Japan Interactions)
社会運動から見た日本と世界 (Japan and the World as Viewed from Social Movements)

Teaching Fellow
HIST 303 Japan’s Modern Revolution, Spring 2015 (Course instructor: Daniel Botsman)
HIST 310 History of Modern South Asia, Fall 2014 (Course instructor: Julia Stephens)

Professional Development
Certificate of College Teaching Preparation (CCTP), Yale University, May 2019

Advanced teaching workshops completed as part of the program:

  • Fundamentals of Inclusive Teaching
  • Difficult Conversations in the Classroom (Religion)
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Classroom Observation Workshop
  • Assessing Participation Equitably
  • Preparing and Delivering Effective Lectures
  • Leading Effective Discussions
  • Course Design
  • Quiet Teaching

For more information about the CCTP program at Yale’s Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, please click here.

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