[:en]Surveys in Belambo Forest[:]

[:en]In February and March 2017, the Bezà Mahafaly monitoring team has continued to monitor biodiversity and threats in Belambo Forest. Belambo forest, with 3,000 hectares, is one of the largest forest blocks that surround the Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve. For three years, we regularly ecological inventories and monitoring surveys in order to better know local biodiversity, existing management system an threats on Belambo forest. The monitoring team has closely worked with villagers during these inventories and monitoring. This has been very helpful in reinforcing mutual trust between the Beza team and local community. In the process of scaling-up the conservation efforts to surrounding landscape, there’s been also continuous exchanges with local leaders. They are very enthusiastic to collaborate with the Beza Mahafaly Reserve to reinforce local governance of their forest to better protect it from increasing threats from outside.[:]

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