[:en]International research projects in agroecology and land use dynamics[:]

[:en]In May 2017, two students from the Masters program in Agriculture, Climate Change and Transition (University of Montpellier France), two student and assistant from the new Department of Agroecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change have started their field work at Bezà Mahafaly on the dynamics of farming system and landuse. During three moths, Ms Elda Mulco (Albania)  Mr Alberto Guerero (Spain), Mr Rakotondrasoa Miaratiana (Madagascar) and Mrs Stella Raholimboahangy (Madagascar) will conduct observations and surveys within the Reserve and in surrounding villages. Their research projects aim better understanding farmers strategies in coping climate variability and related implications on natural resource uses and management, as well as land cover dynamics at the scale of the Reserve and the Sakamena river watershed. In June 2017, Prof. Didier Pillot (from Montpellier) and Dr Jeannin Ranaivonasy (chair of the ABC Department) supervised advances on these research projects. Students are planned to defend their dissertation in November 2017 at Montpellier.[:]

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