International research projects in agroecology and land use dynamics September 2017
Field School at Bezà Mahafaly August 2017
Surveys in Belambo Forest May 2017
Capacity building of school children surrounding the Beza Mahafaly Reserve March 2017
Visit of the Executive Director and the Trustee of LCAOF January 2017
Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve August 2016

Tree plantation at Bejio village

Security Dina (Dina be) restores calm

Canandaigua Workshop, NY – June 27-30, 2012

In Memoriam: Robert Sussman  (June 2016)

New school inauguration at Antarabory (January 2016)

Tree plantation at Bejio village (January 2016)

Work begins on Bejio School (August 2015)

Radiated tortoise update (August 2015)

Decree gives legal recognition to extension of the Bezà Mahafaly Special Reserve (April 2015)

Belambo survey (March 2015)

Tree planting (March 2015)

Completion of the construction of the New Research Center (February 2015)

Formalization of the Extended Reserve moves a step closer (February 2015)

Partnership facilitates school for Ampitanabo (February 2015)

Security Dina (Dina be) restores calm (January 2015)

First shipment of artisanal salt (siratany) arrives in USA (December 2014)

Bezà Mahafaly team expands activities (November 2014)

Jean Sibien Mahereza joins monitoring team (June 2014)

Dialogue with local communities for the management of community forests around the Reserve (November 2013)

Educational tour for KASTI/ COSAP / MNP / ESSA (October 2013)

Meeting of the COSAP committee (September 2013)

Promoting the development of siratany (August 2013)

Improved telecommunications at Bezà Mahafaly (June 2013)

Collaboration with other research programs (June 2013)

In Memoriam: Robert E. Dewar (June 2013)

Locust invasion (June 2013)

Forest restoration – Update (June 2013)

Implementing improved stoves for salt production (June 2013)

Donation of farming equipment to local associations (June 2013)

Cyclone “Haruna”: February 2013

The siratany initiative (October 2012)

Reconnaissance of the forest of Ehazoara (October 2012)

Monitoring team takes field trips to Lake Alaotra and Andasibe (October 2012)

Community support in forest restoration (October 2012)

Another step toward collaboration with local salt producers (August 2012)

A good year for sifaka reproduction – August 2012 sifaka census (August 2012)

Local partnership with Forest and Environment committee (KASTI) (August 2012)

Canandaigua Workshop, NY – June 27-30, 2012