Dialogue with local communities for the management of community forests around the Reserve

Since the extension of the reserve, a landscape approach has been gradually introduced to ensure sustainable forest management of the reserve. This approach includes strengthening the management of the surrounding forests by local communities; forests which are remarkable for their continued stability. During the last meeting of COSAP in September, it was decided that the COSAP committee would facilitate dialogue with traditional owners and local forest communities in Belambo, Ehazoara and Antarabory. A meeting between MNP, ESSA and local communities took place on November 20th, with 12 representatives present of the traditional owners of Belambo forests. The meeting was led by Andry Randrianandrasana, MNP Reserve manager with Miandrisoa Razafindraibe, the head of the monitoring team. The discussions were intense and long, but remained very cordial. After the meeting, the traditional owners did agree and give approval for reconnaissance work to be carried out in the forests of Belambo and also that scientific research can be done in the long term. The next meeting planned is with the villagers of Antarabory.