Our hives went up a few IQ points!

Yesterday, Yale Bee Space members went out to Yale west campus to instal sensors on our bee hives.  The sensors gather data on sound, humidity, temperature, and weight through the use of an Arduino and solar panels.  We can now collect and analyze data about our bees and will hopefully make some great discoveries with our new smart hives!1480529_232239730315577_509098890_n 1920392_232239820315568_1351955090_n 1969203_232240176982199_1991927960_n 1978746_232240210315529_614868652_n 1978910_232239646982252_2050758044_n 10151418_232239686982248_346873540_n

End of Winter Hive Check

Spring is coming, and it was time to check up on our bees out at Yale West Campus!  Before Spring Break, Bee Space members went out to the hives to see how our colonies faired the winter.  We found many happy (albeit angry that we had opened up there home) bees in both hives as well as lots of honey!  We examined the frames, fed the bees, and can’t wait for warm weather, sensor installation, and honey harvest!DSC_4971 DSC_4978 DSC_4986 DSC_4996 DSC_5014 DSC_5018