I work in the field of C*-algebras. For my Ph.D. thesis, I investigated which types of inductive limits of C*-algebras have stable rank one.

My advisor was George Elliott. You can view a copy of my Ph.D. thesis here.

During my Master’s Research Project, I studied Dowker spaces under the guidance of William Weiss. You can view my final report here.

While I was an undergrad at York, I did an NSERC summer research project in analytic number theory under the supervision of Youness Lamzouri. I studied the parity of the prime-counting function.

Publications and Preprints

Alboiu, M., Lutley, J., (2020) The Stable Rank of Diagonal ASH Algebras and Crossed Products by Minimal Homeomorphisms. Submitted. arXiv:2005.00148

Alboiu, M., (2015) On the parity of the prime-counting function and related problems. The Ramanujan Journal. 38: 179-187. journal link