The Making of Modern Economic Knowledge, Statistics and the German State 1900-1945

Statistics and the German state 1900-1945: The making of modern economic knowledge Cambridge University Press (2001) 314 pages

Reviewed by H. James in Business History Review (2002), T. Porter in Journal of Economic History (2002), M. Schneider (2002) in, R. Middleton in History of European Ideas (2003), B. Kulla Kyklos (2003), K. Borchardt Historische Zeitschrift (2003), M. Labbe American Historical Review (2003), T. Ferguson, Journal of Economic Literature (2003), A. Ritschl in Review of Financial History (2004), H. Pearson in Journal of Modern History (2004).

  • Winner of the book prize for modern history 2002, H-Soz-Kult
  • The subject of a “table ronde” at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, __________________________June 13 2003

Follow-Up Articles

  • Article-length discussion in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 9.3.2003 10, p. 64
  • Article-length discussion in M. Perlman and M. Marietta, ‘The Politics of Social Accounting‘, Review of Political Economy, 17 (2005), 211-230.

Ministerial Work

Invited Contributor, History of Development of modern economic statsitics for the Bundeswirtschaftsministerium 2012.

The Trouble with Numbers

  •  “The Trouble with Numbers: Politics, history and economics in the construction of Weimar Trade Statistics”  American Historical Review  (June 2008)
  • `Economic Statistics and the Weimar State: The Reich’s Statistical Office and the Institute for Business-Cycle Research, 1924-1933.’ Economic History Review, LII, 3 (August 1999), 523-543
  • ‘The crisis of Gelehrtenpolitik and the alienated economic mind: Economists and politics in interwar Germany’ in M.J. Daunton and F. Trentmann, eds. Worlds of Political Economy (London, 2005), 189-216
  • ‘Die Vermessung der Welt: Ansaetze zu einer Kulturgeschichte der Wirtschaftsstatistik’ (Measuring the world: approaches to a cultural history of economic statistics) H. Berghoff and J. Vogel eds. Wirtschaftsgeschichte als Kulturgeschichte (Frankfurt, 2004), 92-104.
  • Macroeconomics Denied: German Business-Cycle Research 1925-1945’ in D. Ladiray ed., Monographs of official statistics. Eurostat. European Commission (Luxemburg, 2003), 133-160.
  • `Imagining National Economies: National and International Economics Statistics 1900-1950′, in G. Cubitt, ed., Imagining Nations Manchester University Press 1998 (Manchester, 1998), 90-125.
  • ‘The Knowledge of Occupation – Reflections on the History of Economic Statistics in France and Germany, 1914-1950.’ in B. Zimmermann, C. Didry, P. Wagner, eds.,Le Travail et la Nation, Édition M.S.H. (Paris, 1998). (in French), 55-80.

Spring Conference 2013

The Invention of the Economy Conference Yale 5-6 April 2013

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