Teaching: Graduate Student Supervision


Current Yale PhD’s in progress

Nick Rutter, The World Youth Festivals 1945-1975

Peter Verovsek, Memory and European Politics (Political science)

David Petruccelli, The History of Interpol

Jadzia Biskupska, Intellectual History of Nazi Occupied Poland

Kim Lowe, The Red Cross in an era of International Civil War 1914-1925

Nathan Kurz, Jewish transnational politics and human rights 1945-1975

Grey Anderson, 1958: The Crisis of the French Fourth Republic.

Justin Collings, The History of the German Constitutional Court


PhD’s supervised to completion

Philipp Nielssen, German Jewish Conservatives 1870-1935. (Yale, 2012)

Arek Kizilbash, Rosa Luxemburg, national economic thought, and the problem of industrial development in the kingdom of Poland, 1896-1915. (Cambridge, 2007)

Sjöblom, Gustav S.B. The political economy of railway and road transport in Britain and Germany, 1918-33. (Cambridge, 2010)

Nikos Papadogiannis, Greek communist youth and the politicisation of leisure, 1974-81. (Cambridge, 2010)

Aslie Comu, Population Transfer in postwar turkey. (Cambridge, 2011)

William James, The German Question in the 1960s. (Cambridge, 2011)

Ulrike Schulz, Die Firma “Simson & Co” 1856-2000. (University of Bielefeld 2011). 


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