International History at Yale

In cooperation with Paul Kennedy, Patrick Cohrs, and Jennifer van Vleck, I coordinate the International History at Yale Workshop.

Some past workshop schedules include:

 Spring 2012

23 January: Bill Rankin, Yale University, “The Electrification of Territory: Radio-Navigation and the Civilianization of Blind Bombing after World War II”, HSHM Workshop, L-215, Sterling Hall, 333 Cedar Street, 4:30pm.

24 January: Alan Mikhail, Yale University, Christine Philliou, Columbia University, “The Ottoman Empire and the Imperial Turn”, HGS 401, 5:00pm.

17 February: Oliver Bast, University of Manchester, “Duping the British and Outwitting the Russians? Iranian Foreign Policy and the ‘Bolshevik Threat’, 1917-1921”, Iran Colloquium-YIH Joint Event, Rosenkranz 102, 12:00pm

21 February: Roundtable: “The United States and the World – New Frontiers?” featuring Glenda Gilmore, John Mack Faragher, Beverly Gage, Joanne Freeman, Matthew Jacobson, Jenifer Van Vleck, Edward Rugemer, Patrick Cohrs (all Yale), and others, HGS 211, 5:30pm.

20 March: Odd Arne Westad, London School of Economics, “Restless Empire: China and the World since 1750”, ISS-YIH Joint Event, Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall, 5:00pm.

21 March: Peter Holquist, University of Pennsylvania, “The Origins of the Concept of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ (1830-1945)”, Modern European Colloquium, Luce 202, 6:15pm.

22-23 March: Workshop: “Technology and Power”, featuring Merritt Roe Smith (MIT), Michael Adas (Rutgers), Thomas Heinrich (CUNY), Martin Collins (Smithsonian), Jonathan Winkler (Wright State), Kate Epstein (Rutgers), Gretchen Heefner (Connecticut College), Zachary Wasserman, Jenifer Van Vleck, Adam Tooze (all Yale), International Room, Sterling Memorial Library.

28 March: David Edgerton, Imperial College London, “Britain’s War Machine: Weapons, Resources, and Experts in the Second World War”, Modern European Colloquium, Luce 202, 6:15pm.

4 April: Mark Mazower, Columbia University, “Spinelli’s Dream: The Euro Crisis and the Fate of Global Governance”, Modern European Colloquium, Luce 202, 6:15pm.

19 April: Michael Reynolds, Princeton University, “Shattering Empires: The Clash and Collapse of the Ottoman and Russian Empires, 1908–1918”, Ottoman Studies-YIH-Modern Europe Joint Event, Luce 202, 6:15pm.

24 April: Kirsten Weld, Brandeis University, “New Perspectives on Latin America and the World – the Cold War and Its Legacy”, HGS 401, 5:00pm.

1 May: John Darwin, Oxford University, “In Mackinder’s Shadow? Britain and the Geopolitics of Empire, 1830–1960”, HGS 211, 5:00pm.


Fall 2011

27 September: Roundtable: “Empire, Imperialism and International History”, featuring Paul Kennedy, Peter Perdue, Steven Pincus, Adam Tooze, Patrick Cohrs, Ryan Irwin (all Yale), HGS 211, 5:00pm.

4 October: Steven Pincus, Yale University, “Addison’s Empire: Party Politics, Political Economy, and the End of the War of Spanish Succession”, HGS 401, 5:00pm.

18 October: Jenifer Van Vleck, Yale University, “The Jet Age and the Limits of American Power”, HGS 401, 5:00pm.

27 October: Jonathan Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania, “How Did Bismarck Do It?”, YIH-Modern European Colloquium, Luce 203, 6:15pm.

1 November: Charles Maier, Harvard University, “Once within Borders: The Space of Empires and the Space of States”, International Room, SML, 5:00pm.

8 November: Charles Walton, Yale University, “The Fall from Eden: Free Trade and the Origins of the French Revolution”, HGS 401, 5:00pm.

29 November: Workshop: “War and Politics in the Atlantic World 1848–1945”, featuring Michael Geyer (Chicago), Charles Bright (Michigan), Andrew Zimmerman (George Washington), Glenda Gilmore (Yale), David Blight (Yale), Adam Tooze (Yale), John Witt (Yale), Patrick Cohrs (Yale), HGS 211, 9:15am–5:45pm.

2 December: “Contours of International History: A Graduate Student Workshop”, International Room, SML, and HGS 401, 10:00am–6:00pm.


Spring 2011

3 February: Adam Tooze, Yale University, “From Brest Litovsk to Versailles, 1917– 1919. The Making of a Modern Peace”, 5:00pm, HGS 401.

22 FebruaryRyan Irwin, Yale University, “Unmaking the Liberal World Order: Apartheid, Decolonization, and the Global 1960s”, 5:00pm, HGS 401.

29 MarchJay Winter, Yale University, “René Cassin and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, 5:00pm, HGS 401.

7 AprilMary Sarotte, University of Southern California, “The Transatlantic Legacy of 1989”, 4:30pm, HGS 211 (ISS-YIH Joint Event).

12 April: Patrick O. Cohrs, Yale University, “Pax Americana. US Aspirations for a “Peace to End All Wars” and the Transformation of International Order, 1917–1955”, 5:00pm, HGS 401.

19 April: Susan Pedersen, Columbia University, “Beyond Colonial Revanchism: Germany’s Global Strategy in the Era of the League of Nations”, 11:45am, HGS 401 (ISS-YIH Joint Event).

5 MayPaul M. Kennedy, Yale University, “History from the Middle”, 5:00pm, HGS 211 (YIH-ISS-British History Group Joint Event).

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