History of International Power – Peace without Victory

Peace without victory

  • Peace without Victory. Woodrow Wilson, America and the World the War Made runs to 200,000 words. Publication is scheduled for 2014.
  • January 2008 “The Forgotten World Crisis of 1920-1921” University of Bielefeld
  • “Hegemony revisited: a critique of Barry Eichengreen’s interpretation of the interwar period” article in development
  • March 2012 “ Between Humanity and Human Rights: The Crisis of the Nation-State in World War I” co-authored with Jeremy Kessler presented to workshop on Humanitarianism and Human Rights: Borders, Connections, Conflicts Remarque Institute, NYU

 Military Power and the Global Condition

  •  Together with Michael Geyer (Chicago), I am editing Volume 3 of the Cambridge History of World War II
  • Tooze “Where have all the soldiers gone: Alan Milward’s History of Western Europe 1933-1957” submitted to New Left Review
  • “How the American Army learned to stop worrying and to love the Blitzkrieg: or the Cold War uses of German military history” 20,000 word article in progress.
  • War and Politics in the Atlantic World 1840-1950 December 2011, Sponsored by ISS, History department and Gilda Lehrman Center

 Sovereignty on the Periphery


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