Adam Tooze
Curriculum Vitae
April 2012

Department of History
Yale University
P.O. Box 208324
New Haven, CT 06520-8324


Current position:_______Professor of Modern German History,
________________________Yale University
________________________From July 2009

Previous positions:_____1996-2009
_______________________Faculty of History
_______________________University of Cambridge
_______________________Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and
_______________________Reader in Twentieth-Century History
_______________________Tenured as of October 2002

_______________________Director of Studies and Gurnee Hart Fellow
_______________________Jesus College Cambridge

Post-School Education

1991-               London School of Economics, Dept. of Economic History:
1996                Ph.D:  ‘Official Statistics and Economic Governance
__________in Interwar Germany’
__________Supervisor: Professor A.S. Milward.

1994                Lancaster University
__________International Summer School in Social Theory (INSIST)

1989-1991       Free University Berlin, Lehrstuhl Prof. J. Kocka
__________Independent historical research

1986-1989        University of Cambridge, King’s College:
___________B.A. Economics, First Class
___________1987    Economics Tripos Part I: First (First in class)
___________1989    Economics Tripos Part II: First (Second in class)

Prizes and Distinctions

For Wages of Destruction
2006                Wolfson Prize
2006                Longman History Today Prize
2006                Shortlist Historisches Buch Prize H-Soz-Kult
2006                Shortlist Duff Cooper Prize

For Statistics and the German State
2002                Leverhulme Prize in Modern History
2002                Historisches Buch Preis H-Soz-Kult
1994                Scouloudi Prize of the Institute for Historical Research, London

Visiting professorships

In February 2011 I served as Thomas Hawkins Johnson Visiting Professor in Military History at West Point

Ministerial Research Projects

Invited Commission Member, History of the Reichsministerium der Finanzen in the Third Reich,___2009-

Invited Contributor, History of the Reichswirtschaftsministerium, 2012. 




The Wages of Destruction. The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy
___UK edition Penguin Allen Lane (2006) 800 pages.

Reviewed amongst others in Times, Sunday Times, Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Literary Review, Spectator, Book of the Week The Week,, BBC History Magazine, History Today, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Sueddeutsche, die Zeit, TAZ, Berliner Zeitung, Weltwoche, Economist book of the year list, Perlentaucher non-fiction list

Translated into German, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese and French

Statistics and the German state 1900-1945: The making of modern economic knowledge Cambridge ___University Press (2001) 314 pages

Winner of the book prize for modern history 2002, H-Soz-Kult
The subject of a “table ronde” at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales,
___Paris, June 13 2003
Article-length discussion in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 9.3.2003 10, p. 64
Article-length discussion in M. Perlman and M. Marietta, ‚The Politics of Social Accounting‘, Review of Political Economy, 17 (2005), 211-230.

Reviewed by H. James in Business History Review (2002), T. Porter in Journal of Economic History (2002), M. Schneider (2002) in, R. Middleton in History of European Ideas (2003), B. Kulla Kyklos (2003), K. Borchardt Historische Zeitschrift (2003), M. Labbe American Historical Review (2003), T. Ferguson, Journal of Economic Literature (2003), A. Ritschl in Review of Financial History (2004), H. Pearson in Journal of Modern History (2004).

Articles in Refereed Journals:

“Reenvisioning the moral economy of reconstruction” in D. Feldman and
___M. Mazower eds Past and Present Special Issue 2011.

“Disciplining the Black Sheep of the Balkans. Sovereignty and Bulgarian Foreign
___Debt 1900-1939”, Economic History Review  (2010) (with M. Ivanov)

“The Trouble with Numbers: Politics, history and economics in the construction of
___Weimar Trade Statistics”  American Historical Review  (June 2008)

With M. Ivanov, ‘Convergence or Decline on Europe’s Southeastern Periphery?
___Agriculture, Population, and GNP in Bulgaria, 1892-1945’ Journal of Economic
67 (2007), 672 – 703

“No Room for Miracles. Reassessing industrial production in Nazi Germany,
___1939-1945” Geschichte und Gesellschaft 31 (2005), 439-464

“Punktuelle Modernisierung: die Akkumulation von Werkzeugmaschinen
___im Dritten Reich” Jahrbuch fuer Wirtschaftsgeschichte
___(2003/1), 79-98

`Economic Statistics and the Weimar State: The Reich’s Statistical
___Office and the Institute for Business-Cycle Research,
___1924-1933.’ Economic History Review, LII, 3 (August 1999), 523-543

Pieces in Edited Collections:

“The German Economy 1917-1945” in Helmut Walser Smith ed. The Oxford Handbook of
___Modern German History
(Oxford, 2011)

“Germany” in Q. Skinner ed. The Family in European History (Cambridge, 2010)

‘The Nazi Economy’ in The Short Oxford History of Germany: The Third Reich J. Caplan
___ed.(Oxford, 2008).

“The Rosetta Stone of German Industry: The Reich’s Census of Industrial Production
 C. Buchheim ed., German Industry in the Nazi Period  (Stuttgart, 2008)

‘Economics, Ideology and Cohesion in the Third Reich: A critique of Goetz Aly’s Hitlers
Dapim. Studies on the Shoah 20 (2006), 217-232. (In Hebrew)

‘The crisis of Gelehrtenpolitik and the alienated economic mind: Economists and politics
 interwar Germany’ in M.J. Daunton and F. Trentmann eds. Worlds of Political
(London, 2005), 189-216.

‘Die Vermessung der Welt: Ansaetze zu einer Kulturgeschichte der Wirtschaftsstatistik
___(Measuring the world: approaches to a cultural history of economic statistics)
___H.Berghoff and J. Vogel eds. Wirtschaftsgeschichte als Kulturgeschichte (Frankfurt,
___2004), 92-104.

‘Macroeconomics Denied: German Business-Cycle Research 1925-1945’ in D. Ladiray ed.,
___Monographs of Official Statistics. Eurostat. European Commission (Luxemburg, 2003), 133-

`German business in the interwar period’ in P. Panayi, ed., Weimar and Nazi Germany:
___Continuities and Discontinuities
, Longman (2001), 173-198.

`Imagining National Economies: National and International Economics Statistics 1900
___1950′, in G. Cubitt,
 ed., Imagining Nations Manchester University Press 1998
___(Manchester, 1998), 90-125.

‘The Knowledge of Occupation – Reflections on the History of Economic Statistics in
___France and Germany,
 1914-1950.’ in B. Zimmermann, C. Didry, P. Wagner, eds., Le
___Travail et la Nation, Édition M.S.H. (Paris, 1998). (in French), 55-80.

R. Rogowski & A. Tooze, ‘Individual labour conflict resolution andliberal corporatism.
___Labour Courts in
 France, Great Britain and Germany in historical comparison’, in H.
___Mohnhaupt & D. Simon, eds., 
Vorträge zur Justizforschung. Geschichte und Theorie,
___Vol. 1 (Frankfurt, 1992), pp. 317-386. (in German)

Journalism, Newspaper reviews and Debates:

Foreign Affairs, “Germany’s Unsustainable Growth: Austerity Now, Stagnation Later”
___Foreign Affairs Aug/Sep 2012

Op-ed for Financial Times May 2010

Harold James and Norman Davies in the TLS 2006/7

G. Aly and S. Friedlaender for the Sunday Telegraph 2006/7

Review of Goetz Aly Hitlers Volksstaat TAZ 12 March 2005 and reply to Aly TAZ 16
___March 2005 and Die Zeit 15/2005

 Extended reviews:

Review of W. Feldenkirchen, Siemens 1918-1945 (1995), in Bulletin of the German
___Historical Institute London
, XVIII, 3 (1996), pp. 59-65.

Review of H. Berghoff, Zwischen Kleinstadt und Weltmarkt. Hohner und die Harmonika,
___1857-1961. Unternehmensgeschichte als Gesellschaftsgeschichte
, in Bulletin of the
___German Historical Institute London
XXI, 2 (1999), pp. 78-84.

Review of G. Herrigel, Industrial Constructions. The Sources of German industrial power
___(1996); C.F. Sabel and J. Zeitlin (eds.), World of Possibilities. Flexibility and Mass
___Production in Western Industrialization
(1997); and P. Scranton, Endless Novelty.
___Specialty Production and American Industrialization 1865-1925 (1997) in Social
___History Vol. 25 No. 2 
May 2000, pp. 247-250.

Reviews Of:

N. Ferguson, Paper & Iron (1995) for Economic History Review
N. Ferguson, Paper & Iron (1995) for Social History
H. Berger, Konjunkturpolitik im Wirschaftswunder (1997) for German History
M. Fulbrook (ed.), German History since 1800 (1997) for German History
N. Gregor, Daimler-Benz in the Third Reich (1998) for German History
D.P. Silverman, Hitler’s Economy (1998) for German History
M.-S. Schulze (ed.) European Economic and Social History (1999) for Economic History Review
P. Erker and T. Pierenkemper (eds.) Deutsche Unternehmer zwischen Kriegswirtschaft und
(1999) for German History
P. Scranton, Endless Novelty for Social History
T. Notermans, Money, Markets and the State (2000) for Economic History Review
D. Bourgeois, Das Geschaeft mit Hitlerdeutschland (2000) for American Historical Review
R. Spree (ed.), Geschichte der deutschen Wirtschaft im 20. Jahrhunder (2001) for German History
S.J. Wiesen, West German Industry and the Chellenge of the Nazi Past (2001) for German History
M.T. Allen, The Business of Genocide (2002) for Business History
D. Bourgeois, Das Geschaeft mit Hitler-Deutschland (2000) for American Historical Review
A. Ritschl, Deutschlands Krise und Konjunktur (2002) for Sehepunkte
M. Ebi, Export um jeden Preis (2004) for Business History Review
H. James, The Nazi Dictatorship and the Deutsche Bank (2004) for TLS
“Is Terry Eagleton in Earnest?” TLS 2011


Work In Progress

Accepted for Publication

Tooze and Ristuccia, “The Cutting Edge of Modernity: Machine Tools in the rearmament
___boom 1933-1945” Economic History Review

In completion stage

Peace without Victory. Woodrow Wilson, America and the World the War Made runs to
___200,000 words. Publication is scheduled for 2014.

Editorial project

Together with Michael Geyer (Chicago) I am editing Volume 3 of the Cambridge History
___of World War II

Submitted for publication

Tooze “Where have all the soldiers gone. Alan Milward’s history of Western Europe
___1933-1957” submitted to New Left Review

Under development

“Mobilizing public credit in the Third Reich” article in development.

With Stefan Eich, “Max Weber, Politics and the Crisis of Historicism” 20,000 word
___article in development

“Adolph Muenziger. Agrarian reform and radical politics in interwar Germany”. Article
___in development

“How the American Army learned to stop worrying and to love the Blitzkrieg: or the Cold
___War uses of German military history” 20,000 word article in progress.

“Hegemony revisited: a critique of Barry Eichengreen’s interpretation of the interwar
___period” article in development


 Talks, Comments & Research Presentations 2008-2011

April 2012 “The Finance Ministry and Financial Mobilization in the Third Reich” joint
___presentation with Stefanie Middendorf to Colloquium on History of National
___Socialism, Humboldt University Berlin

April 2012 Comment on “Liberalism and Empire”, God and Mammon: The Religious and
___Economic Faultlines of Liberalism, Yale, European Studies

March 2012 “ Between Humanity and Human Rights: The Crisis of the Nation-State in
___World War I” co-authored with Jeremy Kessler presented to workshop on
___Humanitarianism and Human Rights: Borders, Connections, Conflicts Remarque
___Institute, NYU

March 2012 “Machine tools, mass production and rearmament” presented to ISS Yale
___workshop on Technology, Strategy and Power

February 2012 “Political Theory and the Crisis of Historicism: Weber, Meinecke and
___Troeltsch” co-authored with Stefan Eich presented to Legal Theory Workshop, Yale
___Law School

 November 2011 “Statistics and the German state revisited” Columbia University

October 2011  “Public debt of Nazi Germany” Bundesministerium der Finanzen, Berlin

May 2011 “The New Deal and Great Depression in American memory”, Heidelberg

April 2011 “Max Weber, Politics and the Crisis of Historicism” Conference on Means and
___Ends, Yale University

February 2011 “The Wilsonian Moment” University of Miami

February 2011 “Faultlines on the Rhine” Florida International University

January 2011 “The Making of a Modern Peace” Yale International History Workshop

November 2010 “The Makings of  Modern Peace” Transitions to Modernity, Yale

October 2010  “From Brest Litovsk to Versailles” Center for Historical Studies, North
___Western University

October 2010 “Agrarian expertise and the violence of the Third Reich: the case of Adolf
___Muenzinger”, panel on German agrarian history German Studies Association

October 2010 “GDR economic history in retrospect” Commentator German Studies

September 2010 “Gerhard Schroeder, the strange career of a German President” Mid-
___Western Alumni

September 2010 “Things that kill” Presentation to New Directions in Material Culture
___conference Macmillan

September 2010 “Germany’s interwar economic crisis a transnational perspective”
___Historikertag Berlin

September 2010 “Bretton Woods and the current crisis” Historikertag Berlin

April 2010 “Reverberations of the German revolution” Macmillan center Yale University
___Revolutions conference

April 2010 “The Balkan financial crisis in historical perspective” Center for History and
___Economics, Harvard

March 2010  “Economic interests and parliamentary representation” Parliaments
___conference Macmillan Center, Yale University

February 2010 “The Holocaust, industrialism and modernity”  Holocaust and Genocide
___studies seminar, Yale University

November 2009 “Blitzkrieg and the US army” Social Science History Conference, Long
___Beach, California

September 2009 “1953 and the Founding of the Bonn Republic” Modern European
___History Colloquium, Yale University

May 2008 “The Interwar crisis revisited” Bristol University

April 2008 “The political economy of the Wilsonian crisis”, Cambridge University
___seminar in American History

April 2008 “The Trouble with Numbers” Harvard University

March 2008 “Bellicism revivified” Royal United Services Institute, London

February 2008 “The Family in Modern Germany” University of Cambridge

February 2008 “The Fiscal Politics of Nazi Germany” Yale University

January 2008 “The Forgotten World Crisis of 1920-1921” University of Bielefeld

January 2008 “British and German narratives of the 20th century” Grossbritannien
___Zentrum/Stiftung Luftbruecke Berlin

Conference Organization

War and Politics in the Atlantic World 1840-1950 December 2011, Sponsored by ISS,
___History department and Gilda Lehrman Center

The History of Production I: The Global History of Machine Tools. Knowledge,
___Narratives and Fiction, March 2009, Center for History and Economics King’s
___College Cambridge co-sponsored by Thyssen Foundation and Boeckler Stiftung

 Seminar and event organization

Co-founder of Yale colloquium in international history 2011-present

Founder of Yale reading group in the Philosophy of history 2010-present (fortnightly)

Founder of Yale colloquium in Modern European History 2009-present (fortnightly)

Chair of Themes in Modern History, University of Cambridge (formerly the Social
___History Seminar), 1996-2000 (fortnightly)


 Yale Service

 History Department Service

2011 Search Cttee Junior South Asia, History Department

Chuck Walton review 2010

Fabian Drixler review 2010


Yale Administrative Service

Gaddis Smith Book Prize 2009.

Fall 2011 Chair European Studies Council Macmillan Center

Since 2010 DGS European Studies MA Macmillan Center

Since 2010 Macmillan Steering Cttee

Since 2011 Jackson Institute Steering Cttee

2011-2012 MA in international relations review cttee

Political Science: Professor Sam DeCanio Book Manuscript review

Humanities Advisory Council and Tenure Appointments and Promotions Cttee



PhD’s supervised to completion

 Arek Kizilbash, Rosa Luxemburg, national economic thought, and the problem of
___industrial development in the kingdom of Poland, 1896-1915. (Cambridge, 2007)

Sjöblom, Gustav S.B. The political economy of railway and road transport in Britain and
___Germany, 1918-33. (Cambridge, 2010)

Nikos Papadogiannis Greek communist youth and the politicisation of leisure, 1974-81.
___(Cambridge, 2010)

Aslie Comu Population Transfer in postwar Turkey. (Cambridge, 2011)

William James The German Question in the 1960s. (Cambridge, 2011)

Ulrike Schulz, Die Firma “Simson & Co“ 1856-2000. (University of Bielefeld 2011).

Philipp Nielssen “German Jewish Conservatives 1870-1935. (Yale University)


Current Yale PhD’s in progress

Nick Rutter “The World Youth Festivals 1945-1975 Yale expected submission March 2012

Peter Verovsek, “Memory and European Politics” (Political Science)

David Petruccelli, The History of Interpol

Jadzia Biskupska, Intellectual History of Nazi Occupied Poland

Kim Lowe, The Red Cross in an era of International Civil War 1914-1925

Nathan Kurz, Jewish transnational politics and human rights 1945-1975

Grey Anderson, 1958: The Crisis of the French Fourth Republic

Justin Collings The History of the German Constitutional Court


Courses offered at Yale

Fall 2009 Grad: Germany and the interwar crisis Hist 658
Fall 2009 Undergrad Lecture: Modern germany Hist 266
Fall 2009 Grad: Modern German Reading group Hist 994

Spring 2010 Grad: Reconciling Capitalism and Democracy Hist 647/Intl 642
Spring 2010 Undergrad: Democracy and peace-making Hist 241

Summer 2010 Undergrad: The Making of world Politics 1917-1919 Hist S241

Fall 2010 Grad: Reading Modern German History Hist 643/Gman 622
Fall 2010 Undergrad: Democracy and peace-making His 241

Spring 2011 Leave

Summer 2011 Undergrad: The Making of world politics 1917-1919 S410

Fall 2011 Grad: The Philosophy of History a Franco-German dialogue Hist 645
Fall 2011 Undergrad: Democracy and peace-making  hist 241
Fall 2011 Grad: European Studies MA core course E&RS 900

Spring 2012 Undergrad Lecture: War in Germany 1618-2011 Hist 231
Spring 2012 Grad: War in modern Germany Hist 659


Affiliations and Other Appointments 

Invited participant at the 2010 60th anniversary Koenigswinter Conference

Member of Scientific Commission for Investigation of History of
___Reichsfinanzministerium during Third Reich (as of July 2009)

Sometime Member of the Social Science History Association

Sometime Member of the German Studies Association

Member of the Economic History Sub-Cttee of the Verein fuer Socialpolitik

 Sometime Member of the Economic History Society and the Economic History Association

Referee for
Economic History Review
Journal of Economic History
German History
Historical Journal
Zeitschrift fuer Unternehmensgeschichte
Contemporary European History
Rand Journal of Economics
Business History Review

Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press
Polity Press

Social Science Research Council (USA)
Economic and Social Research Council (UK)
FWF (Austria)

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