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Yale AITS began offering WordPress sites for courses in the summer of 2006. The first site was made by students studying Modern British Architecture in London. Over 100 courses a year now use WordPress.

Yale CampusPress is a WordPress platform. It is for students, faculty and staff who need a flexible, online platform to available for professional, personal and group sites.

While WordPress is primarily a blogging platform, it can also be used as a content management site or static website in addition to a blog. For more information about getting started please see

CampusPress is hosted by Edublogs.

Accounts and Access:
Anyone with a NetID can access CampusPress sites through CAS authentication, unless otherwise specified through privacy settings determined by the site administrator.

First time users of CampusPress are added to the system database as an authenticated user.

Site Creation:

CampusPress sites are available to current Yale NetId holders. CampusPress sites can be requested at accessible via NetID.

CampusPress sites are accessed through the following  root URL:

Sites are created with the following publishing and viewing permissions by default:

  • Site URL is determined by the requestor
    • For example:
  • Sites are visible to the requestor and admins only until such time that the admin changes the privacy settings.

Sites can be set to public or private, specified through privacy settings determined by the site administrator. Site administrators can determine what role first time visitors will assume when they initially log-in to a given site.

Site Retention:

Current sites will remain available at the service URL for as long as the current administrator has a working NetID. Administrators will be contacted annually to verify that the site is still in use.

Incident/Problem Management, Support and Assistance:

Help and Support from are provided 24/7 by Edublogs

Further assistance is provided by Yale IT Help Desk
IT Help Desk hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Incident and Escalation Process:

The IT Help Desk provides the client with an incident/request tracking number.  The Help Desk will assign the appropriate Priority, based on the Impact and Urgency of the issue, and will ensure the issue is escalated to that the appropriate support team responsible for the associated service as necessary.

Service Availability and Maintenance:

Service Hours

  • 24 hours x 365 days per year
  • Critical Business Period
  • Target Uptime: 99% up-time, excluding Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

  • A monthly scheduled maintenance of up to 12 hours could be scheduled, if needed.
  • A weekly scheduled maintenance of up to 2 hours may be used to address smaller maintenance and upgrade needs.

Unscheduled Maintenance
In the event that CampusPress requires unscheduled maintenance, or otherwise unscheduled downtime, a notification will be posted on the ITS Status page with an estimate of the anticipated time to service restoration.

All planned downtime will be posted on the ITS Status page at

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