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2014 Articles (View full issue)

Amanda Irion, University of California, Berkeley
Belief Behind the Scars: The Role of Entity Beliefs About Emotion in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

Yoonha Jeong, Princeton University
Effects of Activated Self-Concepts on Advertisement and Brand Attitudes

Jiedi Lei, University of Cambridge
Investigating the Cognitive Enhancing Effects of Modafinil in Rats Using a Novel Self-Ordered Sequencing Touchscreen Task

Junfeng Liu, University of Cambridge
How Does NREM Sleep Affect the Consolidation of Declarative Memories?

Megan Meads, Carleton College
The Effects of Internal and External Expressions of Felt Luck On Performance

Casey Snyder, Wake Forest University
The Psychological Effects and Cultural Implications of Female Genital Mutilation: A Literature Review

Michael Kuan Hua Wu, University of Michigan
Mapping a Novel Hedonic Hotspot in the Orbitofrontal Cortex