Sponsored by the Whitney Humanities Center, this interdisciplinary group explores and experiments with kinds of theoretical and critical writing beyond the increasingly standardized modes of the journal article and the monograph. What is the relationship between textual form and substantive insight? How can formal innovation in “theoretical” or “philosophical” (rather than “poetic” or “literary”) writing expand the scope of the thinkable and broaden the conceptual resources available for academic research?

We meet roughly twice per month. Most sessions will focus on specific texts that carry out such experiments in form, from Friedrich Nietzsche to Maggie Nelson and beyond. Other sessions will allow participants to present their own experiments in form and to receive feedback on such work.

To sign up for our mailing list, see here. The list is used for meeting announcements (place and time) and for the distribution of the readings.

Inquiries may be directed to the group’s 2016-17 coordinator, Matt Shafer (matthew.shafer@yale.edu).

FALL 2016: “The Fragment”

October 14: “The Fragment as a Unit of Prose Composition.” Interview with Maggie Nelson and Evan Lavender-Smith.

November 4: Excerpts from Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations. 

November 21: TBD.

December 4: TBD.

December 11: Workshopping session on participant writing.