Postdoc positions available

We are currently seeking postdoctoral research fellows interested in biotechnology development and the cell biology, quantitative biology and biophysics of mammalian genome.

Research in our lab focuses on the development and application of state-of-the-art imaging-based omics approaches to understand the spatial organization of mammalian genome and how it impacts cellular states. Recent advances include the development of a highly multiplexed and automated imaging method to trace the spatial folding of genome, or to profile the abundance and single-molecule localizations of hundreds-to-thousands of different RNA species in individual cells (Science 2016 and Science 2015).

The postdoctoral fellow will actively engage in further development of this set of advanced techniques and/or the application of these techniques to different biological investigations. Individuals with prior experience in any one of the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply: 1) molecular and cellular biology, especially with mammalian cell culture/tissue; 2) light microscopy and optical instrumentation; 3) Computational biology or bioinformatics (programming skills). Our lab also offers comprehensive training experience in all three aspects above.

We expect successful candidates to have strong academic background and publication record, can compete in postdoctoral fellowship competitions in the US, or have already secured postdoctoral fellowships in the US or from other countries.

The position is renewable annually, with immediate start availability.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter with a description of previous research, and have 3 letters of recommendation sent to