Note: All admissions decisions will be mailed by the end of March! Thank you so much for your patience.
The U.S. Grant Program invites bright and motivated students entering grades 6-9 in New Haven public and parochial schools to apply to participate in its six-week summer program on the Yale campus. 

Please follow the instructions below to apply.

Step 1: Complete the U.S. Grant Application

There are two applications. One for new students and one for returning students. Please choose the form that applies to you by clicking one of the two links below. Paper applications may also be available at eligible schools.

Students who applied previously and were not accepted should chose the “New Student” application.

All returning students must re-apply for admission to the program. In addition, returning students are not guaranteed re-admission. The admissions committee will review returning students’ past records of behavior, participation, attendance, grades and teacher comments.

  • New Students: please click HERE to download your application.
  • Returning Students: please click HERE to download your application.

Step 2:

Fill out the 2019 U.S. Grant online demographic form. Click HERE to access the form.

This form is for both new and returning applicants. Questions with a red asterisk are required. This form does not replace your required paper application. However, this form gives us your contact information early so that we can contact you or your school if we need to during the admissions process.

Good luck and we look forward to an exciting, creative and productive summer!