Analysis of the Characters

The model below provides a guide for the analysis of the characters in order to identify the personality of each of them,  their attitude on stage and the network of relationships holding together the drama. The analysis will focus on:

  1. the character’s physical appearance (description of body and face,  clothes and accessories);
  2. story of his/her life (identification of all biographical elements that define the character’s story and situate him or her in relation with the others);
  3. point of view (interpretation of the character’s perspective in relation to the overall vision of world as proposed by the author);
  4. personality (description of the character’s behavior defining his/her personality on stage as it relates to others:  tone of the voice,  gestures,  movements,  distance or proximity to other characters);
  5. description of the mask (different ways in which each character places himself/herself in relation to others);
  6. definition of the mask’s motivation and choice through which the character will achieve his/her goals.


Physical Appearance

Story of Life

Point of View




Name of the Character





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