Course’s Requirements

The course requires a strong commitment from teacher,  assistant and students;  the ultimate goal is twofold:  a deep linguistic-cultural analysis of the play and its production. The two targets are related;  in fact,  the former is a necessary and indispensable premise of the latter. Only a complete understanding of the work allows a correct interpretation and representation by the students-actors. The translation itself,  which is a form of interpretation,  is crucial in the learning process of the language that,  through theater,  involves and develops a variety of language skills:  writing,  reading,  listening,  discussion and criticism. The use of theater as a means of learning a foreign language has a great advantage:  the in-depth study of a single text facilitates the learning of vocabulary and language through a continual and repeated activity of reading and memorization. The acting will also enhance students’ confidence in speaking before an audience.

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