Testimonial and other comments

This is a testimonial from a student in my SPAN 140 class (Spring 2013). She was not present on the day students wrote the paper evaluation and wrote this document detailing her experience in my class and what it meant to her. 

Below you can read a selection of unprompted e-mails sent by my students:

“Hola Tanya,
(…) Además, quiero decir gracias por un buen semestre. Me gustó mucho la clase y usted como profesor (sic). Aprendí mucho y usted creó un ambiente divertido.
Espero que tengas unas vacaciones relajantes.
Gracias,” [From a student in my SPAN 130 class (Fall 2012)]

“Hola Profesora, I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic semester. I genuinely enjoyed coming to Spanish everyday, and really feel as if I got a lot out of the class. You’ve been an amazing teacher. I hope you have a relaxing and fun summer! ¡Gracias!” [From a student in my SPAN 130 class (Fall 2012)]

“Dear Tanya, I have benefitted greatly from your guidance this year as my Spanish instructor. You encouraged me to challenge myself in the language, while fostering an appreciation for the culture. Additionally, you exceeded any expectations that I had for Spanish professor by treating me with various indulgences (i.e. chocolates) and providing a diverse spread of enriching activities (…) I thank you genuinely for inspiring me throughout my freshman year.” [From a student in my SPAN 140 class (Spring 2013)]

“Hi Tanya, (…) You have really been a great teacher this semester (and I am a little sad I didn’t have you as a teacher before). You went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.Thank you again, and I hope you have a great summer!” [From a student in my SPAN 140 class (Spring 2013)]

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