Students’ Comments: Highlights

Selection of students’ response to the question: “What elements of the course and instruction did you find most helpful to the accomplishment of the course’s goal?” (See full comments here).

SPN 101 – Fall 2007

“(…) Tanya was great –very knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic! Her outgoing personality made class fun and less intimidating (…). Overall, this was a wonderful course, and Tanya was a fantastic instructor. ¡Gracias! P.S. It was really helpful that Tanya spoke in Spanish most of the time! I’ve taken other language classes where that hasn’t been the case.”

“The instructor and class talking is (sic) Spanish as much as possible (…)”

“Tanya did a very good job of teaching the material and always challenging us (…)”

“- very nice

– very helpful

– enthusiastic

– cared about the students.”

“The consistent nature of the lesson plan was helpful. Tanya does a great job responding quickly to questions and e-mails (…)”

“Teacher was very eager to help us learn. Very respectful”.

SPN 201 – Fall 2008

“(…) Also, Tanya made everything so clear and understandable. I believe Tanya’s teaching and instruction aided to my understanding and success in this course.”

“Everything was very helpful – Tanya encouraged us to always be talking in Spanish and now that I look back on it, it helped me more than I realized. To be honest, I’ve learned and understood more Spanish this semester than I ever have before.”

“The instructor was always willing to explain and answer any questions. She made an effort to get all of the students in the class participating in the activities, which benefitted all of us. Tanya is very patient and will offer help in numerous ways so that we could all succeed and do as well as we could. I feel very prepared for the next level of Spanish.”

“Tanya was willing to help outside of class. I’ve taken SPAN 101 and 102 at Miami University and she has been my best instructor for the course.”

“She handed back assignments very quickly giving us ample time to study before the exams. Also answered emails very quickly which was a positive.”

“(…) Tanya is so nice, helpful, and approachable. She has great enthusiasm, makes it fun to come to class, and overall is an awesome and ideal professor. I have no complaints or suggestions – this class was enjoyable! Tanya did a great job!”

“(…) I thought Tanya was a great instructor and always offered help. I learned a lot this semester  and I think it will greatly help me in Spanish 202.”

“Constantly speaking Spanish helped a lot. Also when you couldn’t understand she would make it so you could.”

SPN 202 – Spring 2008

“Of my 3 years taking Spanish at Miami, I feel as though Tanya has been the most organized and helpful. I think I’ve learned more in this class than 111 and 201 combined. Tanya had themes to each lesson and useful activities. I also became much more comfortable with speaking in front of the class. She promoting (sic) good group work and I really think she cared about the class.”

“Tanya was very informative about the assignments that were given.  Explained very well what to do. She also urged on a regular basis that we all participate in class. She really motivates class participation.”

“-a lot of speaking the language

– she forces speaking in the classroom

– always has her own activities planned”

“The humor she used made the learning environment more relaxed and enjoyable. Also, the enthusiasm she had everyday kept the class attentive at 8:00 am.”

“Tanya always provided interactive student activities for us. They were always helpful. Her enthusiasm and desire for us to learn Spanish makes her the best Spanish teacher I’ve had thus far. Tanya is amazing!”

“(…) She made up in class assignments that were awesome and very helpful. She was always happy at 8 am. Liked her.”

“Tanya was very enthusiastic and was willing to work with us if we needed it, which was helpful.”

“Tanya put forth a great deal of effort. She always came to class with creative activities. Also, she found listening activities that were interesting. She was also very understanding of her students.”

“Both the you-tube (sic) videos and vocab games were very effective in both keeping everyone involved and interested while actually learning at the same time (…).”

“Tanya is a nice lady who was always willing to help us when she could.”

“(…) Tanya used a lot of outside sources (e.g. youtube) to find more listening activities to help us practice that skill. She also made several handouts on her own for our help/use. She had a lot of enthusiasm, and I really enjoyed having her as an instructor.”

“Tanya is an extremely impressive teacher, especially for a graduate student. She teaches class with alot (sic) of enthusiasm and energy. What I found most helpful was her organization, and willingness to reach out to students even beyond office hours to ensure our success in this class.”

“A lot of times she would show us videos on youtube that were in Spanish, and we had activities where we attempted to answer questions based on our understanding of the video. There is a big gap between the speed of native Spanish and the speed of Spanish in our lab activities. I feel these activities helped us bridge that gap.”

“(…) Really focused on the cultural aspect that I thought was interesting. She was always helpful and brought alot (sic) of enthusiasm.”

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