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In the following links you can see students’ answers to questions focusing on instruction from the electronic evaluations:

Yale U- SPAN 110 – Fall 2011 Instructor’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Yale U- SPAN 120- Spring 2012- Instructor’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Yale U- SPAN 130 – Fall 2012- Instructor’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Yale U- SPAN 140 – Spring 2013 – Instructor’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Selection of Students’ responses to the paper evaluations:

SPAN 110- Fall 2011

List the major strengths from the course. The instructor, Tanya, made this introductory class interesting and I feel like I learned a lot very thoroughly, and very quickly from her. Her powerpoints and supplementari handouts were very helpful.”

How might the course be improved? Be specific.The class was most interesting when Tanya went beyond the textbook.”

List the major strengths from the course. Teacher always spoke Spanish and very well organized.”

SPAN 120- Spring 2012

List the major strengths from the course. I think one of the strengths was Tanya. She was a great teacher and she was always available to help. She made understanding the language much easier.”

List the major strengths from the course. A lot of emphasis placed on speaking which I loved. Also a fair amount of useful activities.”

List the major strengths from the course. I thought the constant team work was great because it allowed us to be free to use the language without fear of criticism.”

List the major strengths from the course. Professor Tanya was the best part of the course. She was a great combination of tough and encouraging (…)”

How did the oral presentations enhanced your cultural awareness. Explain. It was great! Loved the opportunity to research in Spanish, and learned so muchand my prof. Tanya was great at reminding us to prepare lots ahead of time (…) List the major strengths from the course. (…) Best part: Super fun and exciting prof. Tanya. (…) Other comments: Thank you so much Tanya for making this class so enjoyable and exciting!”

List the major strengths from the course. The variety of activities; such as watching short video clips, acting out scenarios, and playing games.”

SPAN 130- Fall 2012

“Great personality, approachable. (…)”

“Tanya is very helpful, considerate, fair, and likeable (sic) (…)”

“Patience, variety of teaching styles/explanations for different kinds of students. Really a great instructor. I couldn´t think of weaknesses.”

“I really liked Tanya all around – she was young, funny, and really responsive to comments and answers given by the students. I also liked that she switched groups up and paid attention to correct wrong phrases in a relaxed way.”

“Tanya was an incredible professor – truly an excellent and helpful teacher. She explains concepts clearly, cares that her students are learning, and very much helped me improve my Spanish.”

“Tanya is very clear in her explanation and is always willing to help. She is also available outside of office hours and responds quickly to e-mails. I can´t think of any weaknesses.”

“Tanya was great.”

“Tanya was a great teacher. She was very energetic, clear, and approachable.”

“Tanya was fantastic. She explained everything very well and was eager to help with anything.I have no negative comments about her.”

“Tanya was amazing; she was a great instructor and made it bearable to come to class five days a week.”

“Tanya was very sweet and great – clearly wanted the best for her students and had a thorough understanding of the material. The only complaint is that occasionally she did not explain things that  clearly – but even in this case, she would look it up and get back to us the next day or via email, which was great.”

“Major strengths would be her explaining things and overall knowledge. Weaknesses might be test grading.”

“I cannot think of a weakness, but Tanya was always super helpful in her teaching and always made sure we understood.”

“She had no weaknesses, Tanya was great.”

“Tanya is very good and always very helpful. She creates a great learning environment in helping students when struggling instead of merely correcting.”

“Strength.- Personality, helpfulness with exercises (…)”

SPAN 140 – Spring 2013

“Strength: Usually, native Spanish speakers have a hard for students to grasp. That was my biggest fear in taking Tanya’s class. However, Tanya always understood what was hard for us and why, and always came up with ways to help us! Even though she didn´t learn Spanish the way we did, that didn´t stop her from being 100% helpful and amazing teacher. Definitely the best I have ever had! Weaknesses: none.”

“Strengths: very willing to meet outside of class. For example, she without fail stayed around at the end of class to answer any questions. Weaknesses: A little strict but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“Tanya was amazing. She went above and beyond and met with students individually if they needed more help and found the answer to grammatical questions if she didn’t know them right off the bat.”

“Always on top of her game, helpful if you sought it (…) Obviously very smart.”

“Strength: Enthusiasm, knowledge and attitude (…).”

“Tanya is great at ensuring that you understand material: She will often deconstruct our sentences and explain why a verb should be conjugated differently or that it isn’t the right vocab, etc.”

“Major strengths: Willingness and openness to teach students; available during office hours; spoke in Spanish in class to reinforce students’ learning; bright and positive attitude. Weaknesses: None.”

“Strengths: Challenging us, calm and understanding, helpful. Weaknesses: None.”

“I enjoyed Tanya’s teaching style. She was great at involving everyone and coming up with interesting activities.”

“Tanya seems unnecessarily strict at first (emailed me about an absence), but at the end of the day she does her job very, very well. I learned more Spanish with her than any other professor.”

“Extremely knowledgeable, extremely organized, very nice, understanding (…)”

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