After reviewing these evaluations, I am pleased to see consistently positive remarks. I appreciate that students commented on the audiovisual component of my class since I also consider it a key aspect of my teaching. In the future, I would like to implement additional tasks that include the use of new technologies. Having students notice my effort to make the class interesting by designing tasks that integrate grammar and cultural connections is very rewarding. At Miami University I taught a class that met at 8 am and it was pleasant to see that several students commented on how dynamic the class was in spite of the time!

Upon reflecting on some of the comments and suggestions, I realize that, although I give the students feedback in different ways, I sometimes do not specifically address how they could increase their linguistic ability and cultural knowledge of Spanish outside the classroom. I often provide a list of resources and extra practice for those who are willing to invest the time outside of class, but I believe this is an aspect that could be emphasized. For future classes, I will keep this in mind so that students may further develop their skills as well as become more responsible and independent with their learning.

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