Observing Others’ Teaching

Observing other people teach is always an inspiring experience. You can see some examples of observation reports below:

Observing a peer (another graduate student) teach an unfamiliar language (Russian) at his request: Peer Observation Report

Observing a class of an unfamiliar language (Hebrew): Observation Report I

Observing SPAN 130 – Fall 2012: Observation Report II

Observing SPAN 120 – Spring 2011: Observación SPAN 120 I

Observing SPAN 120 taught by a different instructor – Spring 2011: Observación SPAN 120 II

Observing SPAN 130 – Spring 2011: Observación SPAN 130

Observing SPAN 140 – Spring 2011: Observación SPAN 140

Observation report focusing on the use of English vs. Spanish in the classroom – Fall 2007: Observación- Uso del inglés vs. uso de español

Observation report focusing on error correction: Observación- Corrección de errores

Observation report focusing on participation and class dynamics: Observación – Participación y dinámica de clase

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