Being Observed while Teaching

Over the years, I have repeatedly been observed by peers and coordinators. I always appreciate the feedback on my teaching and welcome any suggestions that can improve students’ experience in my classroom.

In the Spring of 2011, as part of the graduate seminar “Methodologies of Modern Language Teaching” imparted at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Yale University by the Language Program Director, I had to teach several classes as part of the requirements for the course. The following video corresponds to excerpts of a class I taught to a group of students who just took SPAN 110 and are starting SPAN 120. The topic I was assigned to tech was the “pretérito” and I decided to integrate grammar in a reading in order to keep the students engaged and and to integrate culture within the grammatical lesson. The reading was the initial fragment of Javier Marías’ novel Corazón tan blanco. I was being observed by the Language Program Director, who recorded fragments of the class, and some fellow graduate students. I have used this lesson plan in different classes and different levels by adapting the tasks, including a comparison between the “pretérito” and “imperfecto”. You can see the PowerPoint and lesson plan  that I used for this class.


You can read some recent observation reports on my teaching below. Each observation and evaluation is carried out by the coordinator of each level:

SPAN 120 (Spring 2011). I taught this class as part of the Methodologies in Teaching seminar. I used this PowerPoint and lesson plan on the “imperfecto de subjuntivo.” As a context, I wanted students to draw connections between US and Spanish politicians. This is the observation report and evaluation by Juliana Ramos-Ruano, SPAN 120 Coordinator.

SPAN 110 (Fall 2011): Classroom observation Tanya Romero Gonzalez by Maripaz García, SPAN 110 Coordinator.

SPAN 130 (Fall 2013). Since I am not teaching this semester, I taught one section that belonged to the SPAN 130 coordinator. This is the material that I used for the class on the vocabulary related to travelling. You can also read the observation report by Lissette Reymundi, SPAN 130 Coordinator.

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