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Collaborative projects between Slav Bagriantsev and Elena Gracheva Laboratories at Yale University

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Lydia is on a presentation spree

This time it’s a R.I.P. seminar of the INP program.

2016-10-25-lydia-inp-talkSasha is guarding the pizza.

Jenny’s talk at Neuro RIPs

Jenny gave talk at Yale Neuroscience R.I.P. seminar, after just a couple of months in Elena’s lab.

2016-10-20-jenny-neuro-talkGreat job, Jenny!

Lydia’s PhD committee meeting

It’s time for another committee meeting for Lydia. Before the meeting:2016-10-17-lydia-1…and after:2016-10-17-lydia-2Great progress, Lydia! Epistemology of PhD-ing continues…

Emily Liman’s seminar

Willem Laursen, PhD

Willem Laursen defends his thesis after just 3.5 years in Elena’s lab.2016-09-23-0

Elena’s introduction.2016-09-23-1

Defense, Part I2016-09-23-2

Defense, Part II2016-09-23-3

Defense committee: Fred Sigworth, Michael Caplan, John Carlson2016-09-23-4Congratulations, Dr. Laursen!


Our paper on TRPV1 from heat-resistant animals is out in PNAS!

Laursen WJ, Schneider ER, Merriman DK, Bagriantsev SN, Gracheva EO. Low-cost functional plasticity of TRPV1 supports heat tolerance in squirrels and camels. PNAS 2016, 113(40): 11342-47.

Cellular & Molecular Physiology Retreat 2016

Annual departmental retreat on Yale West Campus! Organized by Slav and Elena.

Retreat Logo.Print

Lydia and Jon.2016-09-15-retreat-2

Posters! Evan and Biff Forbush.2016-09-15-retreat-3


Willem (won the Best Poster Award!) and Joe Santos-Sacchi.2016-09-15-retreat-6

Guiseppe (Nancy Carrasco lab) and Marco.2016-09-15-retreat-7

Vanessa and Elena.2016-09-15-retreat-8

Viktor and Jean-Ju Chung.2016-09-15-retreat-9

Elena’s talk.2016-09-15-retreat-10

Slav and Larry Cohen.2016-09-15-retreat-11

As per rules of the Labs, lab members must be properly fed…2016-09-15-retreat-13

…and hydrated.2016-09-15-retreat-14

Find Evan.2016-09-15-retreat-15

We’re 4 years old!


GRC Ion Channels

Slav and Willem went to the Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on ion channels at Mt. Holyoke college.

2016-07-15 GRC MtHolyoke

2016-07-15 GRC Slav WillemSerious people came to present some serious science. Willem’s talk was voted best at the Seminar and he had to present it again during the last day of the Conference.

2016-07-15 GRC LobsterA very New England treat.2016-07-15 GRC flyer2016-07-15 GRC groupMany thanks to Emily Liman and Chris Ahern for organizing the meeting!

Sensory Physiology Club

2015-07-12 Postcard_frontA five-day Sensory Physiology Club for a group of kids from the Greater New Haven area.

Summer Party at Slav and Elena’s

2016-07-02 Summer PartySlav Lab, Elena Lab (extended edition).

Jenny Feng joins Elena’s Lab

2016-06-27 JennyWelcome Jenny!

Evan’s PhD committee meeting

Finding Evan has never been easier. Before the meeting:2016-06-24 Evan_1…and after:2016-06-24 Evan_2

Eve becomes Arnold O Beckman Fellow

Eve has received a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation – a superb achievement!


The Sackler Lecture: David Julius

2016-05-02 David JuliusA tour de force lecture by David Julius!

CNNR/Neuroscience retreat at Woods Hole

Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole2016-04-29 Woods HoleLibrary2016-04-29 LibraryElena’s talk2016-04-29 Elena

Ardem Patapoutian’s seminar

2016-04-18 Ardem Patapoutian Flyer

A great seminar by Ardem Patapoutian!


2016-04-13 OutreachAnother great outreach session. This time we had three groups of amazingly smart kids from a New York school.


A review on the mechanosensitivity in tactile specialists is out in Physiology:

Schneider ER, Gracheva EO, Bagriantsev SN. Evolutionary specialization of tactile perception in vertebrates. Physiology 2016, 31(3):193-200.

Physiology RIP seminar by Evan

Evan gave a great RIP seminar in Physiology department.

Unfortunately, no photo of this event exists. For those eagerly awaiting the next episode of the cryptic puzzle game “find Evan”, this time the quest will be spiritual.

Eve gives a talk at Neuroethology

Eve went all the way to Uruguay to give a talk on mechanosensitivity at the Neuroethology meeting.

2016-03-30 Neuroethology UruguayOur postdocs go to best conferences!


Elena’s collaboration with Polina Lishko is published in Science:

Miller MR, Mannowetz N, Iavarone AT, Safavi R, Gracheva EO, Smith JF, Hill RZ, Bautista DM, Kirichok Y, Lishko PV. Unconventional endocannabinoid signalling governs sperm activation via sex hormone progesterone. Science 2016, Apr29;352(6285):555-9.

Martin Chalfie lecture

2016-03-10 Chalfie flyerA great Nahum Lecture by Martin Chalfie – hosted by Slav and Elena’s labs.

Biophysics 2016


2016-03-03 Slav Lydia Evan Biophys LA copy(Find) Evan, Slav and Lydia at Biophys 2016 in LA!

Rules of the Labs

Members of the Labs must be properly fed and hydrated.

2016-02-24 Willem Slav ElenaWillem, Elena, Slav.

INP recruitment at Peabody

INP recruitment reception at Yale Peabody Museum.

2016-02-12 INP recruitment PeabodyA panel of PIs welcoming new recruits.

Happy Hour – Ground Squirrel Day!

2016-01-29 Happy Hour

Willem Laursen’s PhD committee meeting

2016-01-25 Willem commitee meetingThanks to the clarity of presentation (part of which you can see on the slide), Willem has gotten his committee’s approval to start preparing for defense.

Lydia’s seminar at INP

2016-01-19 Lydia talk 22016-01-19 Lydia talk 1Lydia gave a seminar at the INP Student Research Talk.  Great job, Lydia!

Viktor Feketa joins Elena’s Lab

2016-01-18 ViktorWelcome Viktor!

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