Does the team train?

We do not have any on-snow training during the season. Many people on the ski team choose to go on a large trip to Mont Tremblant in Quebec over the last week of Winter Break to do some skiing and spend some time together. We hold two training sessions during this trip to give people a chance to brush up on their racing skills or learn how to ski a course before jumping into a race.

How many people are on the team?

This year we have a large team of over 70 registered racers. However only about 30 students will decide to go to a given race. There are no tryouts to join the team or to attend a race.

How large is the commitment to join the team?

The amount of time racers dedicate to the team depends on the individual’s interest level. We have five weekend-long races a year and team members can choose to go to one race or all five. We have weekly dinners as a team and social events, which are other fun ways for students to participate in the team.

Can people without previous racing experience join?

Absolutely! We ask that you have at least six years of experience skiing or snowboarding before joining the team but we have no requirement for prior racing experience. Most people who join the team have never skied in gates before.

What equipment is required?

Racers must bring their own helmets, goggles and winter clothing. Helmets must meet the new FIS standards. Most team members bring their skis, poles and boots from home, although it is possible to rent. A few team members use racing gear and bring both GS and slalom skis, but this is in no way required. Shin guards, a chin guard and pole guards are suggested but not required. Several team members wear GS suits but the majority do not.

How can I get involved?

Reach out to this year’s captain on our “Contact Us” page, or come find us at the extracurricular bazaar at the start of each academic year!