Can students in the class of 2018 be S&DS majors?


How do students in the class of 2018 become S&DS majors?

Once the registrar sets things up correctly, the procedure should be the same as for every other major.

Can you explain category B?

Category B has courses that contain 4 types of computational skills. You need to acquire at least 2 types.  The 4 types are:

  • Introduction to data ingestion, analysis, and cleaning: S&DS 220 or 230
  • Advanced data analysis: S&DS 325 or 425
  • Introduction to programming, CS style: CPSC 100, 112 or ENAS 130.  Students who already know how to program may skip these and instead count CPSC 201 or 223.  We recommend against ENAS 130.
  • Intro to Machine Learning style data analysis and HPC: S&DS 262.