Who We Are

We’re a group of Yale students, mostly undergrads, who love to run. We relish the camaraderie and spirit that come with being part of a team. We enjoy pushing ourselves to train and compete. We have a training schedule that is flexible for anyone who wants to join: those who want to jog casually with the group a couple times a week, those who want to push themselves but not compete, and those who want to be in peak condition for racing against townies and other college students. Whether you just got into running or you raced varsity cross-country in high school, consider joining us in a fun, supportive atmosphere of fellow runners.

Where to Find Us

womensTableWe leave for runs during the school year at 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, from the Women’s Table in front of Sterling Memorial Library (SML). See the Training page for a typical week’s workout schedule.



Becoming a Member

yrr_shirt09All you need to become a member is $30 in dues and the desire to run. With your membership, you’ll get to train, compete, and otherwise chill with the team. You’ll also receive a wicked team T-shirt, Please bring dues to our team meeting at the beginning of the year, or arrange to pay the Club Presidents directly. As always, if dues pose a financial hardship, please contact one of the Club Presidents to make alternative arrangements.

 Why You Should Join YCR

  • You like running.
  • You enjoy the outdoors.
  • You like training in a group.
  • You want to meet more Yalies.
  • You want to get in shape or stay in shape.
  • You like goal-setting and competition.
  • You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on sports equipment.

What Does Being a Member Mean?

As a fellow runner and member of YCR, we’d like to see you at least a couple times a week. Since we’re a club–not varsity–sport, it’s perfectly OK if you can’t make every practice. Yalies are busy, but we hope that you’ll make YCR a priority in your schedule.

At least one of our captains will be at every scheduled practice, rain or shine. For notices and updates for the team, join and sign up for our team panlist. You can also join our facebook group !

Feel free to use the facebook group to post unofficial runs to the group. For instance, if you can’t make practice or you want to run in the morning, go ahead and post a message to see if anyone else wants to come along!

As a member, you can buy one of our sleek navy-blue racing jerseys for competing with the team. As with the shirts and dues, contact the Club Presidents to get a uniform.