???????????????????????????????Victoria Sanchez

Nickname: Smack
Number: 9
Year: 2013
Height: 5′ 2.75″
Hometown: Austin, TX
Bio: This speedy Texan sass-mouth rolled in on the glorious Winter League train and started dishin’ it out not long after her ignominious Purple arrival on the Supermona scene. With great hands and natural quickness, Smack showed her potential on day one, and has earned props by throwing daily ever since. Supermona gamblers have the odds set 999-1 for former pro-wrestler Victoria ‘Smack’ Sanchez to dominate in the time-honored tradition of sweatshirt-wrestling in Spring Break XI, after an impressive performance against her smack-talking alter ego, Calah ‘Buzz’ Singleton on the floor of the 10-Pack late in the festivities of Spring Fling 2010. And more importantly, the odds are set 1000-1 against Smack’s opponents on the frisbee field, who will suffer the sad fate of her shut-down defense and blazing cuts. As she might say, sucks for them.