Tessa Adler

Nickname: TesseracSRS Photot
Number: ?!
Year: 2017
Height: 5’9″
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Birthdate: 10/4

Bio:¬†We think that Tessa’s slightly untraditional path to Mona – she picked up ultimate on study abroad in Costa Rica! – has only added to her growing legend. Don’t be fooled by this San Diego native’s chill demeanor: her tenacious defense and natural field sense already have her schooling people on the field. (And not just because at 5′ 9″ she often towers over this vertically-challenged Ramona team.) Off the field, Tessa’s love of the outdoors, in Mona tradition, is obvious – she’s so at one with nature that once she kissed a baby gray whale!

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