sydneySydney Steans-Gail

Nickname: Shazam, Skullpopper
Number: TBD
Year: 2020
Height: 5’1″
Hometown: Chicago, IL
B-fizzle-day: May 1
Bio: Hailing from Chicago (real Chicago and not the suburbs, as she likes to specify), Sydneyis in Kanye’s top 1% of listeners on Spotify. On the field, she handles like a BAMF and is part of the great rookie duo SYNERGY. You can find her in the Women’s Center tweeting memes (especially ones about Kanye), taking long naps, watching Netflix, or drinking from her extensive assortment of teas. Don’t challenge her in “What are the Odds” because odds are you’ll lose and have to steal an entire baguette from the Dport dining hall (@Fizzy).

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