beahSarah Jacobson

Nickname: Beah Number: 20
Year: 2017
Height: 5’7″ or 5’8″ depending on how crazy I’m feelin’
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Bio: Ramona Quimby must have been a very good person in her past life, because otherwise how did we land a girl like Beah?! This girl came into the world knowing how to throw a disc. Beah’s parents met playing ultimate, how romantic!! With those sexy cuts, curvy IO throws, and hot D’s, we know it won’t be long before Beah perpetuates another cycle of frisbee-generated love. If you’re wondering about her unique nickname, you’re in for a cute story. Before she was born, her then two-year-old brother insisted on naming his new baby sibling “Beah” – and it stuck.Awww.

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