kayleeKaylee Weil

Nickname: Crash
Number: 44
Year: 2012
Height: 5′ 2″
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Bio: Smiley Face isn’t actually Kaylee’s ultimate nickname. But it should be, as the girl rocks a beautiful smile day in and day out, and so do her text messages, emails, and facebook updates. EMOTICON!!!! Smiley-Face also describes the way her teammates feel when she has the disc. Carrying forth the deadly Mona tradition of ankle injuries, Kaylee has the calm disc savvy, soft hands, and excellent field sense of a seasoned vet. Rocking the Frisbee-FOOT connection, Kaykay also rocks the Saybrook Dining Hall late night scene, with that long-deadly combination of diligence and chattiness that has plagued generations of Supermona all-nighter-pullers before her. But no matter how sleep deprived she gets, this California Girl will bring the sunshine to your life and the burning white-hot fire of the sun to the field, all day long.