juliaJulia Mankoff

Nickname: Mankz
Number: 24
Year: 2019
Height: 5’7’’
Hometown: Seattle, WA / Philadelphia, PA
B-fizzle-day: Jan 12th
Bio: Julia was born and raised in Seattle, WA for the majority of her life. After realizing the North East was better than the West, she and her family moved to Philadelphia, PA. Julia enjoys singing in the shower, long walks in the rain, and showing off her molars to anyone that will watch her perform this weird talent. Julia also likes playing manhunt, going to Soads, and is generally a pretty sick frisbee player. She also plays a number of other sports but she is a particularly baller frisbee boss. As you can see by her photo, she’s a selfie queen and snapchat is her favorite app.

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