aspenAspen Reese

Number: 39
Year: 2012
Height: 5′ 4″
Hometown: N/A
Bio: There may be angels in the architecture, but this cherubic-looking blondie has a devious side. Hailing from Nevada, New Hampshire, Maine, and New Jersey all at once, this dino-loving Plantae Magnoliophyta Magnoliopsida Malpighiales Salicaceae Populus tremuloides continues many a Mona tradition, with a soft spot for the hard sciences. She keeps it clean in the shower, and fast on the highway, but this high-speeding driver has never gotten a ticket. Indeed, our flashcard-flashing Russi-speaker has got her shit together for sure. With great hands and a knack for being in the hot spot of the end zone, the independent Aspen tree will be a fixture in the Mona lore for decades to come.