Addie Elwood

Nickname: AH-DEE
Number: 27
Year: 2019
Height: 5’3″
Hometown: Olympia, WA
Birthdate: September 11
Bio: In a reverse migration to that of fellow 2019er Julia Mankoff, Addie was born and raised in Cambridge, MA for the majority of her life. After realizing the West was better than the North East, she and her family moved to Olympia, WA. She owns one cat–not two, not three, not zero. She was clear about this. Her dad is secretly best friends with said cat and they, I quote, “do FACE NUZZLES” [her emphasis].
But I’ll let her words speak for herself. Direct quotes from AH-DEE:
“Once I spent 24 hours in the woods alone. I also chopped down a tree.”
“My favorite season is winter.”
“The greatest comeback of my life was in 3rd grade when someone called me a dork and I called them a stork.”

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