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Dear Ramona alumnae,Greetings from New Haven and Ramona 2004-2005! This is the first issue of the Ramona alumnae e-newsletter, which will include news from the present team and from alumnae. For now, we will present a brief summary of Ramona today.

Ramona is 26 women strong this season, led by fourth-year handler Claire Hirschmann SY ’05 and 2003 Northeast Freshman of the Year Keri Dorko SY ’06.

The fall season has included eight practices, several parties, and a scrimmage against SOD, the Connecticut women’s club team. Highlights of our first scrimmage include rookies throwing forehands and cutting with fakes, returners making big plays like layout D’s and beautifully curving hucks for scores, and everyone coming together for cheers of “One, we are Ramona.”

This weekend (September 25-26) we travel to SUNY Purchase for club sectionals on Saturday, where we will play Ambush, SOD, Vassar, and Fordham for one of four bids to regionals. On Sunday, we’ll be back in New Haven hosting the top college teams in the northeast at Coffee Cup. You are, of course, invited to attend any of our tournaments (listed at We guarantee that it will be exciting to watch us play, and we’ll even share our peanut butter and bananas with you.

This newsletter will keep you informed about the present team’s progress, and we would love to hear from you too! Please send news or pictures to Memories and photos of your days with Ramona are welcome, as are more recent pieces of news or suggestions for the content of this newsletter.

Mona 2004-2005

Hello Ramona alumnae!Welcome to the second issue of the Ramona newsletter. It’s been quite an exciting month for the team.

First of all, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired a coach for the first time in Ramona history. Holly Stephens has already coached two other successful ultimate teams (Seattle Academy and Pie), founded several flourishing annual tournaments and clinics, and played on three different Nationals-qualifying club teams (Shazam, Persuader, and now 6 Trained Monkeys). At the last three practices, she’s helped us with man defense, break-mark throws, and dump passes. We love her ideas for drills and we can’t believe how quickly she learned our names.

Even before the arrival of our new coach, Ramona had some good weekends full of tournaments. At sectionals, we lost to Ambush and Connecticut but we beat Vassar. The following day, we hosted eight other college teams, including MIT and Dartmouth, at Coffee Cup. The costume theme was Middle School Sleepover. Ramona, decked out in animal-print boxers and fuzzy bathrobes, split into two even teams. Each team beat all four opponents in its pool, and after some shortened cross-over games, the Ramona halves finished first and third place overall.

A week later, Ramona reunited to travel to Williams for a very muddy weekend at Purple Valley, where we finished third in our pool on Saturday by beating Wellesley and Williams B. On Sunday morning we lost to Penn State, the eventual tournament champions.

Luckily, we had one more consecutive weekend tournament at which to redeem ourselves: Northeast UPA Club Regionals. Ramona lost to Rogue and Storm by large margins, but we played an intensely competitive game against Williams. The wind was strong and steady, and Williams won the flip to start the game downwind. They scored first, and we traded downwind points. The game was capped to 13 with no win-by-two rule, and we were on defense, headed upwind, when the score was 12-12. Seven brave Ramona players carefully worked the disc up the field against Williams’ four-man cup and won the game on a 10-yard pass to the front corner of the endzone.

The excitement of Regionals weekend did not end on the frisbee fields: Ramona had the honor of meeting plenty of alumnae between games this weekend. Our first alumnae encounter was with Rogue players Anne Lightbody ’99 and Sarah Lieberman ’99. Anne is studying fluid mechanics at MIT and Sarah is studying physical therapy. We also met two Zumo players, Alicia Kersten ’95 and Amy Woolever ’95. Alicia is married to Nathan Wicks (Superfly ’95), and Ramona got to meet their 5-month old son, Calvin! Playing for Ambush were Rebecca Tucker ’04, Jessica Cohen ’03, and Jenn Kerrs ’99. We’ve also heard from some more alums who weren’t at regionals: Divya Rao ’01 is studying the history of art and architecture at (gasp) Brown. Mora Segal ’95 and Joni Kletter ’00 sent greetings to the current squad and recalled some Ramona traditions: Mora remembers the creation, by Julie Myers or Allison Wolff, of the “One, we are Ramona” cheer. Joni remembers a traditional Game before the Game, which brings us to our next order of business:

Ramona hereby proposes an alumnae-Ramona GAME BEFORE THE GAME in Cambridge, MA on November 20 before the Harvard-Yale football Game. We envision a relaxed pickup game at around 10am. Details will follow.

One final announcement is that you are all very welcome to donate funds to Ramona. We have even figured out how you can make a tax-deductible donation. You can mail checks, made out to “Yale University” (we promise that Ramona gets all of the money), to the address listed below. Your donations will pay for tournament fees unless you specify otherwise, and we’d be thrilled to receive donations of any size. (We’re sure you remember how the club sports office treats us.)

Thanks to everyone who has sent news and hellos: we love hearing from you! -Ramona ’04-’05

Dear Ramona Alumnae,Yes, Issue Three of the Ramona Newsletter is here. Ramona finished the fall season with three college tournaments and an exciting trip to Cambridge for an important and Harvardless Game.

We sent two different nearly savage squads to the Lemony Fresh Fall Classic at Wheaton College and to Haverween at Haverford College. These brave subsets of Ramona came home from the tournaments with some good wins and lots of field experience. Ramona placed second to Oberlin at Wheaton and thrilled the crowds with convincing carrot costumes at Haverford. We then reunited for the final tournament of the season: Brown’s Huck a Hunck o’ Burnin’ Pumpkin. Ramona finished second in Saturday pool play to the Brown alumnae, beat MIT in quarters, and lost a close game to Cornell in semis. The Brown team had separated into two equal parts, so we didn’t get a chance to really embarrass them, but at least we beat one half of Brown 13-5.

Luckily, the season still wasn’t quite over. We still had a date to face the notorious Ramona alumnae on the morning of the Harvard-Yale Game. After plenty of scrimmaging, introductions, muffins, and beer, Ramona undergrads and alums each put five players on the line. It was a game to three on a half-sized field squeezed between statues, trees, and benches on the Cambridge Commons. The alums won the flip and the first two points, but the undergrads managed to score one before the alums finished it off, 3-1. Congratulations and thanks to all the alumnae who made it to Cambridge: Susanna Tenny ’98, Anne Lightbody ’99, Joni Kletter ’00, Divya Rao ’01, Becca Popowsky ’03, and Jenn Christenson ’03.

It’s been a good fall season, and now we’re getting ready for a few months of winter league (expanded to seven teams this year) and running stairs in Payne Whitney. As always, we would love to receive pictures, news, questions, or tax-deductible donations made out to Yale University at the address below. Our webmaster promises to update the website ( with reunion photos soon!

-Ramona ’04-’05

Dear Ramona Alumnae,The fourth issue of the Ramona newsletter is finally here, and we have plenty of news to share.

Our spring season started out with a week of frisbee in Georgia. At Terminus, outside Atlanta, we enjoyed the sun and grass, had a great win over Florida in pool play, but lost in the quarterfinals. The twenty four of us spent five days in beach houses on an unusually cold Tybee Island, where we cooked elaborate meals, practiced hard, and initiated six rookies by sending them on assignment as tabloid journalists to the wild St. Patrick’s Day street parties in historic Savannah. At Southerns, we split into A and B teams (Ramona and Beezus). Ramona made it to the semifinals, where we lost to NC State, the eventual tournament champions. Beezus played very respectably, and even pulled out a win against Macalaster in pool play in order to avoid the dreaded Sunday Chumpionship bracket.

Ramona has returned to classes and New Haven, but frisbee still rules our lives. We’ve been practicing effectively under joint leadership from captains Keri and Claire and coach Holly, tweaking our zone O and D, working on reading and going to the disc, and getting in plenty of intense scrimmaging. Two weekends ago we went to Penn State’s Spring Phling, where we got to work on running through (and laying out in) knee-deep mud. We lost in quarterfinals to Michigan, the eventual tournament champions.

This past weekend we hosted Yale Cup. The tournament ran smoothly, and we hosted all of the best teams from New England and the Mid Atlantic, including MIT, Brown, Dartmouth, Tufts, Rutgers, Cornell, and Penn State. The unquestionable highlight of the weekend for Ramona was a win against MIT in pool play, 11-9. We went on to beat Tufts in the quarters, and beat Penn State (who had just beaten Brown) in the semis. We met MIT again in the finals. This time we lost 15-13, but we’re proud of the way we played and we can’t wait for revenge at Regionals. Beezus had a good weekend too, and managed to score some points on several high-caliber teams.

Ramona also enjoyed seeing alumnae at Yale Cup: Jenn Christenson ’03 watched our win against MIT, and Alicia Kersten ’95 was coaching Tufts (with an adorable baby Calvin accompanying her). We’re sorry we couldn’t have included a full alumnae team in the tournament this year, but maybe there will be enough interest from you all next year. As always, please let us know if there’s any news from you, ultimate related or otherwise, and we’ll include it in the next newsletter.

Happy spring! Love, Ramona ’05

Dear Ramona Alumnae,Well, we didn’t make it to Nationals.

We had a good season and a good weekend, though. The format for Regionals was a little different (and more fair) this year. There were three separate single-elimination brackets for the first, second, and third bids to Nationals, so teams dropped into lower brackets or were eliminated from the tournament as they lost games. There was no pool play.

We kept three rookies on the field for much of our first-round 13-6 win against Harvard, and they were cutting, catching, and D’ing well. Our second game was against a strong Amherst team. After the cap went on it was 7-5, Amherst, game to 8. Yale went on a 3-0 run and made some big defensive plays in order to win 8-7. This qualified us for the semifinals of the first-place bracket, where we lost to Dartmouth, the eventual regional champions, 15-4. In the second-place bracket, we lost a close game to BU, and then, despite an exciting late rally, we lost to MIT (15-10) for the third-place spot. We had layouts that sent us sliding ten yards across the soggy grass and some glorious hucks and skies. We were sopping wet, but happy with our play. The final qualifiers (in order) were Dartmouth, Brown, and MIT.

Thanks for all your supportive emails before Regionals. Don’t forget to send news and memories if you’d like them reported in a future newsletter. The current team would also love to resurrect some old cheers, so please send any that you remember. Our newest ones, adopted this year, include:

  1. Love my mama / love my baby / love my biscuits / sopped in gravy
    Mama / baby / biscuits / gravy / mama / baby / biscuits / gravy
  2. Best ham / Best party
  3. (with outlandish choreography) Let’s get fired up / we are fired up

Our older repertoire includes such favorites as Tenacious D, Vanilla Ice, What Time is It?, Oom Gala, Peanut Butter, Lay It Out, Sharp Like Cheddar, and One We Are Ramona. If you remember other good Ramona cheers, please help us revive them.

One last announcement: If you’re playing on a club team and need some extra women, or if you want a throwing buddy, just ask and we’ll see if there are any Ramona players in your city for the summer.

Until next fall, Ramona ’05